2016 Summer Fashion Staples

2016 Summer Fashion Staples


Floral Maxi Dress– Flower print dress

Cute Caftan (can be used as swim cover up)- Caftan dress

Kimono- Floral kimono

Flowy Halter Top- New York Company embellished top

High Waisted Bikini- Retro bathing suit

High Waisted Shorts- Topshop shorts

Flowy Romper- Daniel Rainn long sleeve romper

Floral Pencil Skirt- New York Company long white skirt

Summer Wedges- Summer sandals

Gladiator Sandals- Aéropostale aeropostale shoes

Mint Purse (I own this exact one and LOVE IT)- Dome satchel

Laser Cut Crossbody Bag- Under One Sky handbags crossbody

Swirly Cut Necklaces-Cut out necklace

And matching earrings!!- Earrings jewelry

Americana Scarf- Sheer scarve

Rosegold Aviators- Jennifer Lopez rhinestone sunglasses

Mary Kay BB Cream- BB Cream

Sunscreen-Mary Kay sun care


Branson Spring Break Packing List

I love going to Branson for vacation several times a year! In fact, we just got back from our Christmas trip there just a week ago and we loved it! I am already creating my Spring Break packing list since it is just a few months away!

I am all about packing light! Here is how to have an ton of outfits with just 8 mix and match main pieces!!


Branson Spring Packing List



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The Southern Belle’s Closet Classics


I absolutely love living in Oklahoma! You can experience all 3 seasons in just 1 week! That being said, you need to have some versatility in your wardrobe! Here are my Fashion Staples for the Southern Belle!


  • Little Black Dress
  • Summery Dress
  • Pretty Day Dress
  • Long-Sleeve Knit Dress
  • Sweater Dress


  • Cardigans
  • Simple Black Tee
  • Simple White Tee
  • White Cotton Button Front
  • Silk Blouse
  • Dressy Tank
  • Camisoles
  • Chambray Blouse


  • Skinny Jeans
  • Colored Skinny Jeans
  • Flare Jeans
  • Bootcut Jeans
  • Khaki Trousers
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Pencil Skirt
  • Colored Pencil Skirt
  • Cotton Mini Skirt
  • Maxi Skirt


  • Trench Coat
  • Wool Coat
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Lightweight Jacket
  • Black Blazer


  • Diamond Studs
  • Pearl Studs
  • Gold Dangles
  • Silver Dangles
  • Pearl Necklace
  • Silver Pendant Necklace
  • Gold Ring
  • Silver Ring
  • Watch
  • Simple Bracelet


  • Shawl
  • Sunglasses
  • Floppy Sunhat
  • Umbrella
  • Colorful Opaque Tights
  • Neutral Leather Purse
  • Evening Clutch
  • Casual Tote bag
  • Colorful Skinny Belt
  • Tan Skinny Belt
  • Wide Brown Waist Belt
  • Wide Black Waist Belt
  • Well-Fitting Lacy Underpinnings
  • Black Bikini
  • One Piece Swimsuit
  • Colorful Bikini


  • Black Ballet Flats
  • Loafers
  • Sneackers
  • Black Sandals
  • Tan Sandals
  • Black Pumps
  • Colorful Heels
  • Tall Brown Boots
  • Tall Black Boots
  • Brown Booties
  • Black Booties
  • Nude Colored Heels
  • Flip Flops

This is just a basic list of what I have in my closet! It basically covers the fashion staples every girl should own as a basic wardrobe.


My Top 5 Must Haves for March 2013

Wow! What a month February was. With Izzy turning 5 and her birthday party, I am totally wiped out. I am super excited that the first day of spring is March 20th. Here in Oklahoma, spring is about every other day (lol). With warmer weather just around the corner, It is time to update my wardrobe with some brighter colors.

1. Chambray Shirts– I bought a chambray (denim) shirt that has a lace back. I wear that thing everywhere with everything. I wear it with jeans, colored skinnies, leggings, over dresses, over skirts, with scarves,  everything! LITERALLY! If you do not own a chambray shirt, GO BUY ONE… NOWWWWW…. You will wonder how you ever dressed without one!

Life In Progress™ Chambray Shirt #denim

2. Colored Skinny Jeans- I love these! They come in a million colors! For spring, I like to choose pastel colors rather than super bright, but that is just me. A spring color I am in love with is Mint. It is such a pretty color and looks great on virtually any skin tone.

The Gift of Color - L.E.I. Juniors Colored Skinny Jeans #Walmart

3. Mint Colored Purse- Once again, I am Absolutely in love with Mint.

Mint purse

4. Something Green- St. Patty’s Day is March 17th! Wear your green, or get pinched…

"St. Paddy's Day Outfit"

5. A Spring Dress- Get a pretty spring dress for Easter! Easter is March 31st this year. I like to look for “Easter-wear” I can wear all spring and summer. I choose a light dress and a cardigan to go over it!

"spring fling" by sherlynd ❤ liked on Polyvore

Here it is folks! My top 5 for March 2013!

The Formula for Fashion

How do those women get put together the cutest outfits all the time and don’t sweat it? They know the formula. Yep, there is a formula for creating the perfect outfits! It is quite simple and easy to remember!

1 Basic- Choose a pair of jeans, pencil skirt, or a basic top


1 Pattern Piece- Color, texture, pattern, shine. It adds interest and dimension to the outfit.


1 Completer Piece- Jacket, Cardigan, Belt, Hat, Scarf


Accessories- Jewelry, shoes, purse, clutch


1 AMAZING outfit

Here are some examples:

Basic- Jean Shorts

Pattern Piece- Lace Top

Completer Piece- Coral Scarf

Accessories- Sunglasses, Earrings, Bracelets, Crocheted flats.

Basic- White Tank Top

Pattern Piece- Pink Skinny Jeans

Completer Piece- Chambray Shirt

Accessories- Bag, Shoes, Earrings

Basic- Navy Top

Pattern Piece- Floral Skirt

Completer Piece- Brown Belt

Accessories- Bag, Shoes, Earrings

Basic- Denim Shorts

Pattern Piece- Crocheted Top

Completer Piece- Sun Hat

Accessories- Bag, Shoes, Earrings, Sunglasses

Now you get the idea! Keep in mind also that your accessories need to work with your outfit. Don’t choose anything that clashes, like a neon orange watch with a muted tone outfit. Have fun and start creating stunning outfits!

Bra Fitting Bible

A majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Here is a guide to how to fit yourself for a bra!

  • Band Placement– The band of the bra should be centered across the back with the straps adjusted to the tops of the shoulders.


BAD- The band is too big. Even though the straps are tightened, the band rides up the back causing the breasts to hang down low.

BAD- The band is too big. The band is pulled down low in the back. The straps cannot be tightened because it will cause the band to ride up in the back.

  • Front Underwire Placement– With a well fitted bra, the band will be snug enough to fit around the ribcage to support the weight of the breasts. The underwire will go around the breasts and will rest where the breasts meet the ribcage. It will also lay flat against the chest. The straps will also rest on the shoulders and should not dig in.


INCORRECT UNDERWIRE PLACEMENT- I call the the “uni-boob”!



  • Side Underwire Placement- The side of the bra should fit almost to your armpit.


INCORRECT                                             CORRECT


INCORRECT                                             CORRECT


INCORRECT                                             CORRECT




  1. Get a soft measuring tape. This is the only time of measuring tape that can be used for accurate measurements. You can get them at Wal-Mart for around $1.
  2. Take off your bra. Almost all women wear cup sizes that are too small which smushes the breasts down causing the measurement to seem smaller than it really is.
  3. Measure around your rib cage. This measurement will determine your band size. Measure right underneath your breasts where a bra band would normally sit. Do not pull to tightly, but it does need to be somewhat snug. If you measure 34 1/4 or 34 1/2, round it down to 34 instead of up. The reason for this is that bras lose elasticity every time you wear them so the fit will only get less and less supportive. When you first purchase a bra, it needs to feel snug, but not too tight on the loosest hook. As the bra stretches, you can move the hooks in tighter to maintain support.
  4. Measure across the widest part of your bustline horizontally, not vertically. Just measure across your nipples at the widest part of your breasts. Nothing needs to be done to this number except for rounding up instead of down. So, if you measure 41 1/2, just round it up to 42.
  5. Do a little math. Take the number from step number 4 and subtract it from step number 3. The band size we used earlier was 34 and the bust measure was 42, so we will do 42-34= 8.

So, you will have an 8 inch difference for the cup size so your bra size is a 34H. Here is the chart below:

I found this info from this site. You can find more bra fitting info there!

16-Pieces, 40-Outfits! NO WAY!!

In my last post, I talked about packing light while still taking everything you need! When I will be gone for a week or more, I tend to try to pack more stuff. No. That will not happen. Like I said, I need to pack smarter, not harder! Here is how I can pack 16 pieces to make 40 different outfits. No way, that is impossible to pack such few pieces and make 40 outfits! Or is it? Just wait and see!

The Basics

First pick some basic pieces! This is the foundation for your travel wardrobe. I choose solid colors and basic silhouettes. Here are the examples of what I pack.

Bootcut Jeans- I pack bootcut jeans because they go great with any shoes and they can be rolled into capris. I opt out of skinnies while I am on vacation because I want to relax and they can’t be easily rolled into capris if it gets hot outside.

White Button Front Shirt- I usually choose a lightweight material that breathes.

Chambray Button Front Shirt- These are super cute and super versatile.

White Shorts- Not soffee or cheer shorts, but actual shorts. They can be dressed up or down!

Black Shorts -OR- Denim Shorts- I love my black and denim shorts. Once again… choose some that are not cheer or soffee shorts.

White Cardigan- I like them with long sleeves.

Black Cardigan- Long Sleeves

White Strapless Dress- Or any solid basic color!

Interesting Pieces

I now add some color and interest into my wardrobe! I like to go bright or with patterns for this category.

Pink V-Neck Shirt- or any solid bright color.

Grey & white striped tank- Go for a racer back.

Cotton Strapless Sundress with bright pattern- this can be worn as a dress or as a swim cover up.

A Patterned Skirt- I love bright patterns and I go for a skirt that hits right above the knee.

Cotton Tank Dress- Once again, bright patterns or prints!!

Solid Color Tank Top- Bright colors work best! Go for a tank with crocheted back or lace back for interest.

Bright Printed Tank- Ikat print is super cute for summer!!

Solid Color Maxi Dress- I always go for a strapless one with a cinched waistband.

Shoes and Accessories

Finally, we can add accessories and shoes!

Bright Statement Necklace- I go for a bubble necklace in a bright color that matches my color scheme.

Multi-Strand Color Blocked Necklace- Make sure it matches your color scheme

Gold Pendant Necklace- Basic, yet outstanding! What more could you ask for in a necklace?

A Trendy Hat- Whether it is a fedora or a sunhat, I always choose white.

Watch- Any basic watch will do!

Brown Gladiator Flat Sandals- Love these, and they are cute!

Wedge Heel Shoe- Wedges are the most comfortable heels in the world!

Flip Flops- These are a fashion must in the south! I have them in every color possible!

Tennis Shoes- These are perfect for when I will be walking around the zoo or going to the park with my daughter!

Beach Tote- A Large beach tote can be a life saver! Use it as a purse, beach bag, grocery  bag, souvenir bag, diaper bag, or pretty much anything you can think of! I actually bought an oversized one and pack everything in it to take on the trip! No duffel bag or suitcase needed!

Cross Body Bag- I love cross body bags! They are perfect for having everything you need right there next to you and cannot be easily stolen while you wear it.

55 Things Every Chic Southern Mommy Should Know

Here are 55 things every fashionable mom or woman in general should know!!

1. Make sure your clothes always show your identity. Don’t be a slave to fashion. Find something that works for you and stick with it!

2. To coax a loose thread back into place, gently tug at the stitches to the sides as well as above and below.

3. A good shoemaker can fully rebuild your favorite pair. Even if they have seen their last days!

4. If you are unsure about an impulse sale or purchase, leave it at the store. If you are still thinking about it the next day, buy it!

5. V-Neck Sweaters and tees give the illusion of a longer torso.

6. Use a lemon wedge to remove excess or streaky self-tanner.

7. Who has time to hand wash bras? Machine wash them in cold water in a mesh lingerie bag and drape them over a hanger to dry.

8. Wear your new real leather jacket in the rain to break it in. Water will soften it up and allow it to stretch and crease at specific points on your body.

9. A good tip when cleaning out your closet: Ask a friend whose style you like to come help. She/he might offer new insight on how to wear certain items before you toss them.

10. A structured hat should rest about 1/8 to 1/2 inch above the ears.

11. Use cold water for delicates. Always wash linens and dirty white clothing in hot to warm water.

12. Pile on flashy accessories to instantly transform even the most basic outfit.

13. If you can;t fit two fingers underneath your bra band comfortably, it’s too tight. I suggest going to get professionally fitted for a bra. It will change your life.

14. To prevent clothing from wrinkling in a suitcase, roll it instead of folding it.

15. Before bed, pour two or three tablespoons of baking soda into stinky shoes and tilt the shoe to distribute the soda evenly. This will eat any odor and absorb perspiration.

16. The easiest way to make your closet look more organized is to buy the same color of hangers. I really like the skinny velvet hangers. Nothing slips off them and they don’t stretch your clothes.

17. When in doubt, always choose the smaller denim size. Jeans stretch with wear.

18. Use shaving cream and a washcloth to remove liquid makeup from shirt collars.

19. Spray shirts prone to sweat stains with lemon juice before washing. The natural acid dissolves alkaline sweat residue that could cause yellow discoloration.

20. Nude colored pumps can make your bare legs appear longer.

21. Put your dry jeans inside a plastic bag in your freezer for two days to zap odors and kill bacteria without washing them.

22. Hoop earrings are a classic style for every woman!

23. If you wear leather shoes without socks, always stuff them with a soft cloth when your done wearing them. This absorbs moisture and helps them keep their shape.

24. Sprayed too much perfume?? Use unscented, oil-based make up remover to remove the excess perfume without having to take a shower.

25. To achieve the perfectly effortless cuffed sleeve, keep the top button buttoned while you roll.

26. Don’t buy items you know you will not care for properly. If you know your not going to hand wash that delicate cami or beaded sweater, don’t buy it.

27. “The best way to store fashion jewelry is in ziploc bags. The helps the pieces retain luster and reduces tarnishing and scratches.” -Jordan Weingartner, Founder of I Love Jewelry Auctions.

28. Silk pillocases prevent sleep creases and are also much gentler on your hair and skin.

29. Windex restores the glossy sheen on patent leather without doing any damage.

30. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-fitting, stylish winter coat. It can make the whole outfit look put together.

31. You can still look chic while showing some skin. If you are wearing a mini skirt or shorts, keep more covered up on top. If your top is a bit skimpy, go for full coverage bottoms!

32. The perfect length for a pencil skirt should hit right above your knee. Any longer and it will start to shorten your leg.

33. Bras you wear everyday should be replaced every 3-6 months. That is when they start to lose their elasticity and support. Higher end bras can be replaced every 6-9 months. That is including Victoria’s Secret brand!

34. When you are shopping for a jacket, coat, or blazer, pay attention to the fit around the shoulders. A tailor can tweak pretty much anything about the fit of a jacket except the shoulders. The seam should sit perfectly at the bony tops of your shoulders.

35. To determine if pearls are real, lightly rub them over your teeth. Fake pearls will be perfectly smooth while real ones have a slightly gritty or textured feel.

36. Break in stiff or too snug shoes by slipping on thick socks and blasting your feet with a hot air dryer.

37. When getting jeans shortened, always ask your tailor to reattach the original hem. It may cost extra, but it’s worth it.

38. Use Dawn dish soap to remove grease stains from clothing!

39. To stretch shoes that are too tight, fill to ziploc bags with water and place in each shoe. Put them in the freezer overnight and it will gently expand your shoes.

40. Add 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar to the final rinse cycle while doing laundry to maintain the wash of your favorite pair of dark jeans.

41. Use hairspray to remove lipstick stains.

42. Panty lines are not okay! Invest in a nude thong or seamless underwear!

43. Blot, don’t rub, when you spill something on your clothes. Wiping or rubbing will actually further ingrain the stain into your clothes.

44. Double stick tape works to shorten a hem in a pinch if you can’t get to the tailor before an event.

45. Shopping for a wedding dress or another big event outfit? Go to the store with make up on, proper undergarments, and your hair fixed to get a better sense of how it’ll look!

46. Spray tights with sticky hairspray to prevent holes and runs.

47. If you get wax on a piece of clothing, layer wax paper over the hardened wax and then run an iron over it to loosen it up. Once you pull off the paper, the wax should come right off with it.

48. Never put your swimwear in a washing machine and always hang it to dry. The machine will damage the suit and cause it to lose its elasticity. The only exception is at the end of summer or vacation, wash your swimwear in a mesh lingerie bag on the gentle cycle. Do this only after many wears.

49. Wondering about the quality of your cashmere? Gently stretch the body of the garment to see if it snaps back. A lower quality cashmere won’t.

50. Always organize your clothes going light to dark from left to right in your closet. Your eye will follow the color and thus help you stay more organized.

51. If you get an oil stain on your favorite handbag, coat the mark with baby powder and let it stand overnight. By morning, the stain should be gone.

52. Remove white deodorant marks from a garment by gently rubbing the protective foam used on store hangers against the fabric.

53. Wash new jeans twice before taking them to the tailor to be shortened. Jeans will always shrink in length when washed.

54. Use white wine to remove a red wine stain.

55. Always wash cashmere by hand. To dry it, use a salad spinner, which releases excess water in seconds.

The Chic Southern Mommy’s 50 Must Have Pieces

So, here is my list of 50 piece you need to have in your closet! These are super versatile pieces that can be worn with virtually anything for any occasion!


1. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans-Make sure they fit well and are long enough. They should reach your heel. These can be tucked into boots or cuff them with flats. The options are endless!

2. The Chambray Top- This shirt is such an amazing and essential piece. If you are a chambray shirt virgin, things to look for in a chambray shirt are that it should be fitted, but not tight! I love to put a cute cami under them!

3. Flare Jeans- Make sure they are long enough to wear with heels. These are perfect for a polished look or a casual look! Seven for all Mankind makes great ones.

4. White Blouse- This fashion staple can be worn with anything. I love a white button front! They are super cute and can be worn open with a cami underneath!

5. Striped Long Sleeve Shirt- These are always comfortable and are a nautical timeless piece that is always in style.

6. Black Blazer- Most people think, “Black blazers are only to be worn with suits and on business women. They are not for me.” I was once one of those people until my blazer awakening. I wear it over dresses, with skirts, I even wear it with jeans! You can wear it with anything. Just make sure it looks very tailored and expensive!

7. Colored Jeans- Once again, I know exactly what you are thinking, but I was once there. I thought colored jeans were just for tweens and teens. I bought a pair of red skinny jeans and they are my favorite pair! I wear my white button front with them for a chic look!

8. Little Black Dress- Everyone needs that little black dress. There are so many different style to choose from. Whether it is a peplum, lace, a cut out back, make sure it is anything but boring.

9. Leather Jacket- This is a great investment. If you buy a quality one, it will last forever. Get one with a classic shape in either black or brown. Colored leather may go out of style, but black and brown will always be in style and always go with everything.

10. Tweed Jacket- A tweed jacket can add texture to a flat outfit. You need to once again make sure the look is tailored.

11. A Jean Jacket- I like a cropped jean jacket, but a full length jean jacket is super timeless. You can roll up the sleeves to make it 3/4 length! I wear them over dresses and pretty much with any outfit!

12. Cut off Denim Shorts- Pair these with classy pieces to avoid looking like an overgrown teenager. They are a must have in the south in summer time!

13. A Patterned Skirt- Ideal hem lengths vary for each person, but I wouldn’t choose anything super short.

14. White Tee- A white T-shirt is a basic piece to build outfits on! Don’t go for anything too tight or too loose. I love a v-neck and also scoop neck tees. They are so girly and chic!

15. Day Dress- This is your everyday dress you can wear anywhere. This looks great from going out shopping or to lunch with your bff. Make sure it works with your body and is easy to layer!

16. Cardigans- I love cardigans! They go with everything and come in a multitude of colors, lengths, and shapes! I buy as many of these as I can!

17. Striped Blazer- Once again, you can wear it with ANYTHING!!

18. Black Skinny Jeans- Black makes you look slimmer. What more do I have to say???

19. Crew Neck Sweater- I choose ones that reflect my personality. I love embellishments and I make sure mine have plenty of embellishments.

20. The Sexy Dress- For the days you want something flirty and fun! Don’t go overboard though.

21. Pencil Skirt- I usually go with a black pencil skirt that hits at the knee or a little above. It should display your curves, but not be skin tight. It is great for work or cocktail hour!

22. Pea Coat- Make sure it has shape and does not make you look boxy.

23. A Winter Coat- Jewel Tones are cute and fun! I like mine to be warm since I am in Oklahoma and the winters can be brutal!!

24. Strapless Backless Nude Bra- I love these bras that stick to your boobs, but lift them up! It is a must have. You can opt for a nude strapless bra if this is not for you!

25. A Seductive Bra- This should make you feel like a Victoria’s Secret Model. Go get personally fitted. It will change your life. 75% of women wear the wrong size bra!

26. No Show Underwear- Whether it is a nude thong, or nude boyshorts, it should be seamless!


27. Black Thin Waist Belt- It pulls you in at all the right places and could make a burlap sack fabulous!

28. A Nude Belt- For shapeless outfits that are lighter in color.

29. A Big Sunhat- I love big floppy sunhats! They are cute at the beach, or at your son’s soccer game!

30. Winter Gloves- Get a cute pair of winter gloves! I love leather gloves! They keep my hands warm plus they are waterproof and cute!

31. Infinity Scarf- They are just as comfortable as they are fashionable.

32. A Red Handbag- Choose a classic shape with great quality. It will serve you well for years!

33. Black Tote- Pick a trendy one! I love quilted details or chain straps! It will be a lifesaver for last minute trips or for when your purse can’t fit all your crap in it (mine usually can’t)!

34. Cross body Bag- I didn’t realize how essential this was until I brought one to the zoo! It was so nice having all my stuff right there and so close to me without having to lug around an uncomfortable purse for 8 hours.

35. Clutch- For special occasions or going to lunch. I love the oversized clutches!!

36. The Perfect Watch- This is a piece that will never fail you and can be worn with just about anything. I love blingy watches because they reflect my personality.

37. Stackable Rings- These little rings give intricacies to any outfit. I love them!

38. Diamond Studs- Don’t go cheap on the diamond studs. Make the investment. They will sparkle forever!!

39. Pearl Studs- These are so classy! Once again, don’t go cheap!

40. A Chain Necklace- It is sexy and streamlined all in one accessory.

41. Layerable Bracelets- Choose ones that go, but don’t necessarily match. Mix colors, textures, and sizes for interest!

42. Sunglasses- Choose not only cute, but practical. Make sure they are dark enough to block the sun from your eyes. I love oversized frames!

43. Cocktail Ring- I love cocktail rings! I love over-the-top rings with lots of sparkle and “oomph”! Make sure it has that wow-factor!


44. The Black Pump- This shoe oozes confidence and classiness.

45. Chunky Wooden Platform- This will add bohemian beauty to any summer dress, shorts, jeans, anything! Avoid black and gray, stick to cognac or beige hues.

46. Strappy Sandals- This does not mean flip-flops. I love ones that include a little metal or leather detail.

47. The Ankle Bootie- These are also called “Chelsie” boots. You can wear these with jeans or a dress! The possibilities are endless. I like ones that have a peep-toe!

48. Black Knee High Boots- Super chic paired with black leggings or skinny jeans! I like flat ones, but I also have a pair of heeled ones for dressing up a little bit!

49. The Ballet Flat- I bought them in virtually every color! These are so comfy I can wear them shopping all day!

50. The Nude Heel- These make your legs look longer, but they also go with everything! If you tend to look like a newborn baby calf when walking in heels, I would go for a wedge.

So here is the list of 50 must have pieces. I like to shop around and gradually buy these items! I also hit clearances to get great items for a bargain! Remember to always look chic and sophisticated, but fashionable rather than like a teenager wanna-be.

My Top 5 Must-Buys for February 2013

Ok, so I know I am 13 days late in this post, but here are the must buys for February 2013!!!

1. Cardigans– Cardigans are the perfect piece for the transition of seasons (especially in Oklahoma). They are great to throw on for a cool morning or roll up the sleeves when it gets warmer! These come in a variety of styles and colors. See my post about dressing your shape for tips on what styles to buy!

2. A sexy date night dress- Go for something not too revealing. I prefer backless dresses. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I would opt for something with a little more sex appeal than what you would normally wear, but be classy with it. Don’t wear a super short dress that your assets could fall out of. Think about your best features and accentuate them!

3. Pastel Clutches- Stock up on these great accessories in great spring pastels! I love mint and posy pink! These can go with virtually any outfit and are great for taking shopping so you won’t have to deal with a large, bulky purse.

4. NÜDITI Bra™– This revolutionary bra is great for those backless and strapless dresses and shirts! You can buy it at David’s Bridal for $30! It is the best investment I have ever spent!

5. False Eyelashes- I usually wear false eyelashes on dates and other special events. I would invest in a good pair to wear multiple times!

There You have it! My top 5 picks for February 2013!!