Cleaning Schedules- The Smart Way to Clean

I have recently embraced the idea of a cleaning schedule and it has seriously changed my life! I am not a natural born cleaner, so cleaning has always been sort of a hard task for me. I really have to motivate myself and focus on what task needs to be done and then I usually work really, really, extra super hard to find a way to not do it. Anyone else have this problem? Yeah, I thought so.

I have finally found my inner clean this year. I started tackling the worst mess in the house: My bedroom. This is where everything just gets thrown. That basket of stuff from the car I brought in 6 months ago? In my bedroom. The 600 pair of the kid’s lost shoes? My bedroom. 20 bags of stuff to donate that have been sitting there for 2 years? You guessed it! Have you seen that Hoarders show? My room looked like a less scary version of their house (okay, I am totally exaggerating, but still really something I should not have had to live in.)

I finally started tackling the beast and WOWZA!! It is like a whole new room! I got such a high off of cleaning the room and making it look amazing, that I literally did not stop until I was completely done! I got rid of like 30 bags of just random stuff. Like 50 bags of just papers and trash. Seriously. I know many of you won’t admit that you have just 1 room like this, but I am letting my messy flag fly for all of you to read about.

I started decluttering each room in the house and getting it good and clean. This is the FIRST STEP to getting your house clean: PURGE AND ACTUALLY GET THE STUFF OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. Donate it, send it to your neighbor, sell it on craigslist, have a yard sale. Just whatever you do, don’t keep it. Get rid of it as soon as you can. Don’t leave it in your house because it will just stay there.

So then, you need to start a cleaning schedule.

Choose how you want your list!

How do you like to work? Are you a total write it down kinda gal or a put it in your phone lady? If you like to write it down, please print my list below! If you are a techy, there is an app I LOVE LOVE LOVE called Tick Tick . It is a checklist app that really is totally amazing and so easy to use! It is so satisfying to “tick” off each thing!

This is the app on the screen of my phone. After you download the app, put the widget on your home screen. Click on the blue top bar of the widget or just go directly into the app! Set up an account once you are in the app!


It should bring you to this page when you click the menu button in the app. First thing you want to do it hit add list. I added a list for things I need to do, one for Izzy’s Chores, one for laundry, and one for my life tasks. You can easily make a list for each room instead. Now time to click on your list and start adding tasks!


Start adding your tasks by typing them in! I typed what room it was and then the task. If you made your list by room, you can just add the task! To edit the repetition and days, click on your task.


It should bring you to this and click on the date!


Then you will chose the date you want it to start on! And then choose how often you want it to repeat (see where it says daily on my screen).


And then how often. To do something every certain number of weeks, you will choose custom and then set up the weeks.



It is so easy and so much fun to “make” me clean. It will alert you each day with your tasks at about 8am! I LOVE IT and you might love it too!

Choose how often you want to clean each room and what tasks need to be done to each room!

I have tasks that need to be done DAILY, WEEKLY, BI WEEKLY, AND MONTHLY! Make a list of what you want to do each day or week and what can be stretched out to every couple of weeks. I also have a laundry schedule according to how much laundry we go through each week!

Here is my FREE task list to print or to copy into your Tick Tick app!


Cleaning Schedule.jpg

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