Summer Adventures- Lake Time,sunsets, camping, and fishing

We have already completed a few things on our amazing Summer 2016 Bucket List! WOW!! There are 2 types of people in this world; Lake People and Pool People. We are definitely LAKE PEOPLE!! Don’t get me wrong, I like any type of water, but I really LOVE the lake!! I could spend my whole life at the lake!

We do a lot of camping all over the place, but our favorite place is the Belle Starr Recreational Area at Lake Eufaula! It is beautiful, the bathrooms and showers are clean, there is a stunning view from every single RV spot! It is AMAZING!

We went fishing, and really didn’t catch much of anything by the campsite, so we went to our secret fishing spot and caught a few little Crappie but hey, it was something (and kept Iz entertained)!



We also got to watch the most beautiful sunset while we were fishing one day! It was magnificent!


What is your favorite place to camp in Oklahoma? Have you done any camping yet? Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

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Branson Spring Break Packing List

I love going to Branson for vacation several times a year! In fact, we just got back from our Christmas trip there just a week ago and we loved it! I am already creating my Spring Break packing list since it is just a few months away!

I am all about packing light! Here is how to have an ton of outfits with just 8 mix and match main pieces!!


Branson Spring Packing List



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Travel Packing List for Families!

I love lists! They help me remember what all to pack when going on a trip and make sure that we don’t leave anything behind when we are coming home. Traveling with kids and a baby can be a difficult task if you go into it unprepared. It can also take up a lot of precious room in your vehicle if you over pack, but then what if you under pack and leave important stuff at home?? Don’t worry! After many trips to the nearest Walmart to get stuff that we left behind and also many trips where we had bags laying on our laps because we packed stuff we really didn’t need, I have figured out some awesome tips for packing light but still bringing everything you need!

First things first, we are going to talk about why we under pack. We think that traveling light means we will need to do without certain items or we think, “I can just pick that up at the local store”. Well, you are kind of right in thinking that about some items, but think about it this way:

  1. You are wasting at least an hour running to the store to pick up an extra outfit, or some accessories.
  2. There are impulse buys at the store. Your kids were cold in that restaurant, you should buy them a hoodie. Oh my gosh, my kid was running and skinned his knee, I need bandaids. Look at those cute sunglasses, I need those. Before you know it, you have spent $70 on the same crap you had at home and could have brought for free. $70 could buy a meal!
  3. Your kids will make you miserable if you forget about something they need, take the hoodie for instance. They will be cold EVERYWHERE you go and complain the whole time. Then that brings us back to problems #1 and #2.

Now onto why we overpack. We think about the what ifs. “What if Jimmy gets loses one of his toys, should I bring extra?” “What if he spills something on every single outfit we brought?” “What if we get invited to a prestigious country club ball and I don’t have a ballgown?”. In the event something like that happens, then you can go shopping, but don’t bring a long that tuxedo just in case. It is taking up room that you can use for other things.

Ok, so we have discussed why we under pack and over pack and the problems that go with each. Now we need to talk about the perfect amount to pack!


  • Tickets
  • Credit Cards
  • Cash
  • Car insurance
  • medical insurance
  • driver’s licence
  • itinerary with confirmation numbers


  • Prescription medications for each family member
  • pain relief
  • children’s pain relief
  • Non-drowsy allergy relief
  • Children’s non-drowsy allergy relief
  • benadryl
  • children’s benadryl
  • a few bandaids in various sizes
  • insect repellant
  • sunscreen
  • birth control


  • Toothbrush- 1 each
  • Toothpaste- 1 for adults, 1 for kids (or each person gets a travel size)
  • Shampoo & Conditioner- 1 for the family to share
  • Body Soap- 1 for the family to share
  • razor- 1 each
  • hair brush
  • sunburn relief spray or lotion
  • make up
  • lotion
  • feminine hygiene products
  • nail clippers
  • lip balm
  • tweezers
  • face wash and moisturizer
  • contact lens/ glasses supplies

Adult Clothes- (one outfit per day and then an extra shirt)

  • underwear- 1 per day
  • socks- only if you are bringing tennis shoes (1 pair each day)
  • sleepwear- 1 for each 2-3 days
  • Shirts- 1 per day and then 1 extra
  • pants or shorts- 1 per day or 1 pair of each for every 2 days.
  • swimwear- 2 (because putting on a cold wet one is icky)
  • hoodie or light jacket- 1
  • sundress- 1 for the trip
  • flip flops or sandals- bring a neutral pair that will go with each outfit.
  • tennis shoes- 1 pair if you will be walking a lot
  • 1 hat- if it is going to be sunny, bring a sunhat or ball cap
  • accessories- I like to keep these to a minimum. Bring a watch, maybe 2 necklaces and 2 pair of earrings. Keep it simple!

Kids Clothes- (one outfit per day and then 1 extra)

  • Underwear- 1 per day and then 2 extra
  • socks- only if you are bringing tennis shoes (1 pair each day you will be wearing sneakers)
  • sleepwear- 1 for each 2-3 days
  • pull ups or goodnights- if you kid wets the bed
  • Shirts and bottoms- 1 per day (I like mix and match) and then 1 extra outfit
  • Swimwear- 2 each
  • Hoodie or light jacket- 1
  • sundress- 1
  • flip flops or sandals- bring a neutral pair that will go with each outfit
  • tennis shoes- 1 pair
  • hat- 1 if it is going to by sunny
  • accessories- kids don’t need many accessories- Iz wears earrings and a hair bow with each outfit! Maybe a watch.

Baby Clothes (2 outfits per day and then 1 extra)

  • socks- like 20 pair… ok, maybe 1 pair per day and then 2 extra (they get lost easily)
  • sleepwear- 1 pair per night and then 1 extra
  • outfits- 2 per day and then 1 extra
  • onesies- 1-2 that can be used at night or that baby can wear during the day!
  • swim diapers- bring a whole package. You never know how many times you will get back into the pool.
  • swimwear- 2 each
  • hoodie or light jacket- 1
  • baby sandals- 1-2 pair if they are of walking age.
  • sun hat- to shade his little face

Baby Bag

  • diapers- bring 1-2 full packages.
  • formula- 1-2 cans (unless you are breastfeeding)
  • Breastmilk- I like to keep some frozen to thaw out as needed if we are somewhere that makes it hard to nurse!
  • Breast pumps- I like to bring a manual one (for use in the car), and the big one!
  • baby snacks
  • bottles and nipples- bring 3 or 4
  • Travel sized dish soap- to wash the bottles
  • sippy cup- 1-2
  • stroller- easier and cheaper than renting one! Find out prices plus baby will be more comfortable in his own stroller rather than a hard one!
  • Pack-and-play- This is priceless when it comes to travel! Just bite the bullet and bring it!
  • car seat- DUH!!!
  • baby carrier/sling- This can be brought in addition to, or instead of the stroller! I bring both because sometimes Izzy wants the stroller (yes she is almost 7, but she gets tired too!!).
  • Wagon- we sometimes bring the wagon instead of the stroller and put the boppy (not the bumbo) in it for the baby and Iz can sit in it too!
  • Infant swim float- so that everyone can enjoy the water!
  • pacifiers- bring 2 because one will get lost!
  • blankets- bring a heavy warm one and a light one.
  • soft toys- bring 2-3 different ones!

Kids Bag

  • Toys- bring 2-3 toys or games. Izzy usually brings her Nabi, a doll, and a coloring book with colored pencils.
  • Book- Bring 2 that they can read!
  • Movies- bring 2-4 movies depending on how long the trip is. Our car has a built in DVD player that we LOVE! It keeps her entertained for HOURS while we are on a trip!!
  • Snacks- bring a few small snacks and drinks so that you don’t have to stop on the way down as much!

Misc Stuff

  • Camera and charger
  • cell phones and chargers
  • tablets and chargers
  • refillable water bottles- 1 for each person
  • beach bag or tote
  • beach towel
  • zip loc bags in various sizes
  • Walmart sacks
  • paper towels
  • tissues


  1. Each person gets 1 small duffel bag for their clothes and accessories. Me and my hubby share a medium sized bag.
  2. For kids, put each full outfit with accessories inside a ziploc bag and flatten all the air out of it. They can pick their full outfit for each day without the mess of having a million outfits all over the place.
  3. We use one waterproof bag for all the toiletries as a family. The waterproof aspect has helped when shampoo or toothpaste spill out all over the bag.
  4. We allow 1 activity bag per kid in the car so that they can stay entertained while not creating a mess.
  5. Don’t stuff your bag full. It will cause you to bring useless items by thinking you need to stuff your bag. Use the smallest bag possible to fit your stuff.

Happy Travels everyone and I hope you found this post as helpful as I have over the years!

Family Vacation Packing List

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February Update

Hey everyone! It is time for our monthly update! I am now 5 and a half weeks away from meeting my baby boy!! I had my baby shower last weekend and had a great time! Normally I would be planning our Spring Break Trip right now, but since I am due Spring Break, there will be no travel for our family this time! We are planning several summer trips though! I know what you are thinking, “Traveling with a tiny baby? Are you out of your mind?” Well, maybe I am! We used to travel with Iz when she was a little baby and she did just fine! A trip that would take 2 hours sometimes took 2 and a half to 3 hours, but was totally worth it! Plus most of the time she would sleep on our way to the destination!

We are also getting ready to celebrate Izzy’s 7th birthday! I cannot believe that at the end of the month, our baby girl will be 7 years old! Where does the time go? She wants a Frozen birthday party (just like every other girl in the whole United States, she is obsessed with the Disney movie Frozen.). I can recite that movie in my sleep and find myself singing the songs all the time. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a few minutes to say goodbye to life as you know if before you watch it!

Getting ready for Tate to get here has also been a busy task! We have soooooooooooooo much stuff to get for him still! We got lots of cute outfits from our family and friends at the Shower, but it is not enough to get him through! We are going to the JBF sale which is a HUGE kids consignment sale across the United states! It is amazing! We get great deals on strollers, clothes, toys, and much more! Think of a huge kids garage sale time 50! It is insanely huge and really popular! We are going to go stock up on some gently used stuff for him! You can also sign up to consign your own items to make some extra cash! Right now, that is too much trouble for me, but it will be totally worth it in the fall when Tatum can’t fit in his newborn stuff anymore (that he will wear for maybe 2 weeks).

So, back to our travel plans! We have only 1 big dance trip planned for this year and that will be to go to Nationals in San Antonio! We are also going to go back to our favorite place in the whole world, Branson and we are planning a trip to visit our family in Broken Bow this summer! There might be a few more stops on our schedule, but as of right now those are our must go places this summer!

In San Antonio, we are going to Sea World! Nationals are during the school year, so we will only be spending 4 days there (2 of which are driving days). San Antonio is about an 8 hour drive from us, so we are planning on leaving out before the sun rises! We are going to eat at the Rainforest Cafe while we are there and go to a few other fun places like the River Walk and the Alamo! We only have 2 real days there and 1 of them will be spent at Sea World for Nationals, so we are going to get as much done in 2 days as we can!

Silver Dollar City in Branson has a new payment plan option on their season passes that we are so taking advantage of! We are planning to visit at least twice this summer and are so super excited to go back! We are still planning what we are going to do, but will know soon!

In Broken Bow, we usually rent a cabin and go to the lake! It is so much fun and we LOVE going down there to visit our family!

Well, I think that is all I need to update ya’ll on for February!

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Branson Vacation Tips

So, I am going on a Vacation to Branson, MO soon and I am so excited for great bonding time with my husband, daughter, my parents, and some other family members! So, when we went to Branson in June, my dad’s gall bladder was acting up and he was sick the entire 5 day vacation! We were hoping to have a second chance at a “successful” vacation, but I now have a torn meniscus in my knee and will be wheel chair bound for the trip! I got hurt while teaching a dance class, but we will save that utterly embarrassing story for another day.

Anyways, on our trip, we are going to go to Dinner with Yakov Smirnoff! He is a Russian comedian and is supposed to be hilarious! I am so excited to see him! We are also going to go to Silver Dollar City for an Old Time Christmas! It is one of the most amazing and magical times to go! They have a lighted parade and a huge tree that lights up to music as well as lots of shops and rides!! We always get season passes to Silver Dollar City and go during at least every season! We will also be going to Mel’s Hard Luck Diner! They not only have incredible food, but all the waiters and waitresses sing! You can buy their cd and they sing great versions of popular songs! We will be going to the Tanger Outlet Mall for a little retail therapy during our weekend!!

Going on Vacation can be a fashion nightmare since you want to be comfortable but still want to look nice. Plus you don’t have access to your whole wardrobe while you are away! You also need to dress for the weather and bring options for virtually any weather situation! I have found that dressing in layers is key to staying comfortable and cute! So, we are also doing a lot of activities on my vacation! That seems like it would require a million different outfits right? No! I will be there for 2 nights 3 days so I will not need a half a million different outfits! I love mix and match! I can pack a few items and have enough outfit choices for the entire weekend and then some!

Packing List

The Basics

  • Bras & Underwear– I usually bring 1 pair per day, plus a few extra
  • Socks– 1 pair per day
  • Sleepwear– 1 or 2 pair should be ok!
  • Robe
  • House Slippers

Outfits for Women

  • Dress– I am totally obsessed with sweater dresses! They can be casual with leggings and boots or you can dress them up with textured tights and heels!
  • Jeans– bring 1 pair in a skinny style or straight leg! They can be tucked into boots or worn with heels! They are super versatile.
  • Black Leggings- you can wear these with a long shirt or under a dress! I love the leggings that have fleece inside because they have the warmth of sweats with the fashion of leggings!
  • Long Silky Shirt- This shirt can be worn with your leggings or jeans and can be dressed up or down.
  • Black Camisole- worn under anything!
  • Dressy Tank Top- This can be worn under a jacket or sweater (refer to my whole layering binge above)
  • Sweater or Jacket- I usually bring a lightweight cardi or sweater and I would also bring a leather jacket or jean jacket! It may be cold outside, but it can get really hot in shows and inside (or vice verse).
  • Boots- bring one pair of boots. I don’t really like to wear boots with a high heel since I want to be comfy when walking around! Opt for riding boots, uggs, or cowboy boots!
  • Heels- For those dressy occasions!
  • Swimsuit- If there is a pool at your hotel, bring a swimsuit! Even if you don’t think you will have time for the pool, you may find yourself with more down time and dying to hit the hot tub for relaxation!
  • Jewelry- I always accessorize, even when I am wanting to relax! I bring a few key necklaces that will go with any outfit! I also never leave without my 9mm bullet earrings (in the south, bullet earrings are a common fashion staple!)
  • Scarves- I cannot believe how much I wear scarves! They are just like a necklace, but better!
  • Gloves- I have a half a million gloves! I love them! They are so wonderful since I constantly have cold hands!
  • Hats- Just like my gloves, I love hats! I inherited some of my Grandma’s hats (she died in March at the age of 95, almost 96) so these are very vintage hats! Vintage is coming back and I love it! I have many bourees and sun hats that I wear a lot!

Outfits for Kids (girls) (I don’t have a boy, but you can adapt this to a boy!)

  • Dress- Once again, for a little girl, I would choose a sweater dress!
  • Jeggings or Jeans- These are great to pair with everything! I usually bring 2 pairs since traveling and 5 year olds don’t mix (especially when trying to eat in the car!)! Choose a skinny jean or straight leg that can be tucked into boots or worn with flats.
  • Long Sleeve T-Shirt- I bring 2-3 of these! They can be layered under other stuff in case it is cold outside!
  • Black Leggings- These can be worn as pants or under a dress or skirt!
  • Sweater or Jacket- I would bring a light jacket and a heavy coat!
  • Boots- I bring uggs for Izzy!
  • Flats- Flats will look cute with the dress or with the jeans and a cute shirt!
  • Swimsuit- Kids love to swim! Bring a swimsuit if your hotel has a pool!!
  • Gloves, scarf, and hat- just in case it is cold out! We will be walking SDC at night, so she will need these for sure!


  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste/ Oral Hygiene Products
  • Deodorant
  • Cotton Balls/ Cotton Swabs
  • Soap
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Shaving Supplies
  • Make Up Remover
  • Hair Brush
  • Hair Products
  • Curling Iron and Flat Iron
  • Birth Control
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Birth Control
  • Contact Lenses and accessories
  • Make Up Kit
  • Prescription Medications

Other Items

  • Cell Phone & Charger
  • Laptop & Charger
  • Camera & Charger or Batteries
  • GPS
  • Portable DVD Player and DVD’s


Now that I have told you what all I pack on my trip, I will let you know where to wear each outfit!

Dinner Show- Yakov Smirnoff

  • Sweater Dress- I have a deep red/ oxblood colored sweater dress with a cowl neck and edgy zippers and rhinestones on the neck!
  • Earrings and necklace
  • Black Leggings or tights
  • Black heeled boots

Theme Park- Silver Dollar City

  • Jeans- I will be wearing a dark wash skinny jean!
  • Long sleeved shirt/ long sleeved silky shirt- I have not decided which shirt I will wear yet
  • Ugg Boots
  • Earrings and necklace
  • Beret hat, gloves, and a scarf
  • Coat

Lunch with Friends/ Family and Shopping- Mel’s Hardluck Diner

  • Jeans or leggings
  • Dressy Tank Top- Snake Skin print sheer tank from Express with black cami underneath
  • Brown Leather Jacket
  • Necklace, earrings, and bracelet
  • Brown Cowboy boots

16-Pieces, 40-Outfits! NO WAY!!

In my last post, I talked about packing light while still taking everything you need! When I will be gone for a week or more, I tend to try to pack more stuff. No. That will not happen. Like I said, I need to pack smarter, not harder! Here is how I can pack 16 pieces to make 40 different outfits. No way, that is impossible to pack such few pieces and make 40 outfits! Or is it? Just wait and see!

The Basics

First pick some basic pieces! This is the foundation for your travel wardrobe. I choose solid colors and basic silhouettes. Here are the examples of what I pack.

Bootcut Jeans- I pack bootcut jeans because they go great with any shoes and they can be rolled into capris. I opt out of skinnies while I am on vacation because I want to relax and they can’t be easily rolled into capris if it gets hot outside.

White Button Front Shirt- I usually choose a lightweight material that breathes.

Chambray Button Front Shirt- These are super cute and super versatile.

White Shorts- Not soffee or cheer shorts, but actual shorts. They can be dressed up or down!

Black Shorts -OR- Denim Shorts- I love my black and denim shorts. Once again… choose some that are not cheer or soffee shorts.

White Cardigan- I like them with long sleeves.

Black Cardigan- Long Sleeves

White Strapless Dress- Or any solid basic color!

Interesting Pieces

I now add some color and interest into my wardrobe! I like to go bright or with patterns for this category.

Pink V-Neck Shirt- or any solid bright color.

Grey & white striped tank- Go for a racer back.

Cotton Strapless Sundress with bright pattern- this can be worn as a dress or as a swim cover up.

A Patterned Skirt- I love bright patterns and I go for a skirt that hits right above the knee.

Cotton Tank Dress- Once again, bright patterns or prints!!

Solid Color Tank Top- Bright colors work best! Go for a tank with crocheted back or lace back for interest.

Bright Printed Tank- Ikat print is super cute for summer!!

Solid Color Maxi Dress- I always go for a strapless one with a cinched waistband.

Shoes and Accessories

Finally, we can add accessories and shoes!

Bright Statement Necklace- I go for a bubble necklace in a bright color that matches my color scheme.

Multi-Strand Color Blocked Necklace- Make sure it matches your color scheme

Gold Pendant Necklace- Basic, yet outstanding! What more could you ask for in a necklace?

A Trendy Hat- Whether it is a fedora or a sunhat, I always choose white.

Watch- Any basic watch will do!

Brown Gladiator Flat Sandals- Love these, and they are cute!

Wedge Heel Shoe- Wedges are the most comfortable heels in the world!

Flip Flops- These are a fashion must in the south! I have them in every color possible!

Tennis Shoes- These are perfect for when I will be walking around the zoo or going to the park with my daughter!

Beach Tote- A Large beach tote can be a life saver! Use it as a purse, beach bag, grocery  bag, souvenir bag, diaper bag, or pretty much anything you can think of! I actually bought an oversized one and pack everything in it to take on the trip! No duffel bag or suitcase needed!

Cross Body Bag- I love cross body bags! They are perfect for having everything you need right there next to you and cannot be easily stolen while you wear it.

Vacation Packing… Made Easy??

So, I am a dance teacher and my dancers will be going to many competitions and performances that are out of town. Plus, spring break is right around the corner. I always find myself packing half of my closet with me and not even being able to carry my own suitcase. It suddenly clicked, why not pack light and still bring everything I need? How is this possible you ask? Here are some great tips for packing light and looking cute while going out of town.

1. Mix and match. I always bring mix and match items for me and my daughter. If something gets spilled on her skirt, I don’t have to change her whole outfit. Just her bottoms or vice versa. I love to shop at The Children’s Place because they have such cute mix and match items and at a great price too! For adults, mix and match is a little different. I bring pieces that can be layered over, under, and worn different ways. My list includes:

  • A Cardigan- Go for black or white because it will go with virtually any outfit.
  • A Chambray Shirt- You can wear it with shorts, over a tank top, over a dress, you name it.
  • A Sundress- You can wear it as a skirt, under a cardigan, or all by itself.
  • A Maxi Dress- Once again, wear it a million different ways.
  • Jeans- They can be rolled up into capris, tucked into boots, etc…
  • Shorts- It may be too hot to wear jeans.
  • A Solid T-Shirt- I may bring several of these because of their versatility!
  • A Tank Top- Once again, I may bring several!
  • 4 pair of shoes- A pair of flip flops or sandals, a pair of heels, a pair of flats, and a pair of tennis shoes.

Check out my post about versatility.

2. Remember to pack light. It is hard not to pack every little thing you own to go on a trip. I stick to the basics and versatile pieces. You don’t need to pack a formal dress just in case you get invited to a mansion party. If that happens, why not go shopping for a dress instead of lugging one around that you don’t know if you will wear. Also pack lighter fabrics. They can easily be rolled up. I also limit myself to 2 pair of shoes per day that we will be gone, but no more than 5 pair. I always pack a pair of flip flops or sandals, a pair of heels, a pair of flats, and a pair of tennis shoes. These same rules apply when packing for our children too!

3. Pack in the smallest suitcase you can. The less room you have to “fill up” the less you will pack. I only pack 1 outfit per day that we will be gone and maybe 2 extra outfits just in case.

4. Know your destination and your activities. You won’t need that winter parka if you are going to the beach in the summer. You may want to pack 1 light hoodie or sweater to wear in the evenings. If you are going horseback riding, make sure you have pants instead of a skirt or dress and closed toed shoes. Make sure you check the weather a few days before you go!

5. Pack SMARTER not HARDER. Pack everything you need into one teeny tiny little bag by rolling items as small as you can get them. Put your shoes in the bottom and put socks and underwear inside your shoes. Put bulkier items towards the bottom and lighter items at the top!

6. Travel Size. Always buy travel size or buy the empty travel bottles. Never ever pack full size shampoos or body soaps. You won’t use nearly that much, so why take it? It is a waste of space.

Ok, so there are a few tips! Now, here is my general vacation packing list. This is what I go by and I stick to it. This is my list for a 2 night 3 day trip. Double this list for every 3 days you will be gone.

    • 1 Cardigan
    • 1 Skirt
    • 1 Sundress or Maxi Dress
    • 1 Pair of Shorts
    • 1 Pair of Jeans
    • 4-5 pair of underwear
    • 1 pair of leggings
    • 4 shirts
    • 2 swimsuits
    • 1-2 bras
    • 4 pair of shoes
    • 1 Hoodie or Jacket
    • Accessories
    • 1-2 pair of socks
    • 1 Hoodie or Jacket
    • 5-6 Mix & Match Bottoms
    • 6-7 Mix & Match Tops
    • 6-8 Pair of Underwear
    • 1 Dress
    • 3 pair of shoes
    • 1-2 pair of socks
    • Toy or Activity
    • 2 swimsuits
    • Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Deodorant
    • Body Wash
    • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    • Razor
    • Face Wash
    • Moisturizer
    • Make Up
    • Hair brush, hair ties, bobby pins, etc…
    • Allergy Medication
    • Prescription Medications/ Birth Control
    • First Aid Kit
    • Motion Sickness Medication
    • Lip Balm (with spf)
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug Spray
    • Sun Hat
    • Aloe Vera
    • Feminine Hygiene Products
    • Tablet or Laptop
    • Cell Phone
    • Ipod
    • Camera
    • Chargers for EVERYTHING

That is my list. Anything else can be bought when we get there. I also have the whole family share shampoo, conditioner, soap, face wash, and sunscreen. That saves on a lot of room!

Budget Vacation!

Our little Izzy’s 5th birthday is February 28th, so we (we really means me!!!) decided that since we don’t really want to get Izzy something that will just end up in the trash in a week (which happens more often than you think when you have a rowdy little girl) we are going to go on a weekend vacation the weekend after Valentine’s Day!!! We are just going to Tulsa, but still it is going to be so much fun! We are going to take Izzy to the Tulsa Zoo if the weather is nice like it has been, the Space Museum/Planetarium, the aquarium in Jenks again, and just go shopping and let her swim in the hotel pool! I am so excited for this trip! We have been needing a vacation and this is the perfect time to go somewhere! The weather here in Oklahoma has been like spring all winter long! It has been very sporadic though. Just two days ago I was in a tank top, shorts, and flip flops and today I am breaking out the winter coat and Uggs again! I can’t wait until this weather evens out and it is Spring for real! We are doing this vacation on a tight budget! Here is how we are going on vacation for the weekend doing a ton of stuff and spending under $250 for EVERYTHING!

*Budget Hotels

Unless you plan on spending your entire vacation in the hotel room, you will not need to stay in the fanciest hotel! Chances are that you will only be there about 30% of the time just to rest and sleep. We plan on not spending over $75 per night on a hotel.


Make sure your hotel has an in room fridge and microwave. This can save you a fortune on food! We like to bring our own bottles of soda, stuff for sandwiches, and even TV Dinners to make and heat up in the room! We usually only go out to eat for dinner and it is a cheaper family restaurant instead of somewhere super fancy!


Go for a hotel that has a Complimentary Breakfast! This can save you money on food once again. I also like to take a few breakfast bars or something back up to the room to keep for snacking during the day! Get a hotel with a pool! This can provide hours of entertainment for the entire family and usually does not cost more than a hotel without a pool. Get a hotel with free wifi as well! You can bring your laptop and let the kids watch tv shows online when there is nothing to watch on tv. We like to bring our Roku (you have to get one of these! They are amazing! Look it up online!) so that we can watch our Netflix movies and Izzy can watch her Spongebob!


Check out what activities you want to do by going to their website. You can find days and times when your visit will be cheaper! If you plan on going somewhere multiple days or multiple times a year for vacationing, get a season pass. Usually after 2 visits it pays for itself!

Happy Traveling!