Why We Love Fringe (And You Should, Too!)

My Favorite Fringe




Fringe is totally the new black! There are a million ways to wear it, such as: purses, shirts, kimonos, sandals, boots, skirts, and so much more. Plus, fringe goes with everything! My favorite look is the suede fringe for a more Western Boho look! I am seriously in LOVE with this fashion trend and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.
The best way to style fringe is to make it the key piece to your outfit. You don’t want to pile fringe on top of fringe on top of fringe. Then you will just look like a big pile of fringe.
Check out how to style some amazing Fringe Outfits on Pinterest Here!
How do you like to style your fringe? Do you own any fringe pieces?
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Cleaning Schedules- The Smart Way to Clean

I have recently embraced the idea of a cleaning schedule and it has seriously changed my life! I am not a natural born cleaner, so cleaning has always been sort of a hard task for me. I really have to motivate myself and focus on what task needs to be done and then I usually work really, really, extra super hard to find a way to not do it. Anyone else have this problem? Yeah, I thought so.

I have finally found my inner clean this year. I started tackling the worst mess in the house: My bedroom. This is where everything just gets thrown. That basket of stuff from the car I brought in 6 months ago? In my bedroom. The 600 pair of the kid’s lost shoes? My bedroom. 20 bags of stuff to donate that have been sitting there for 2 years? You guessed it! Have you seen that Hoarders show? My room looked like a less scary version of their house (okay, I am totally exaggerating, but still really something I should not have had to live in.)

I finally started tackling the beast and WOWZA!! It is like a whole new room! I got such a high off of cleaning the room and making it look amazing, that I literally did not stop until I was completely done! I got rid of like 30 bags of just random stuff. Like 50 bags of just papers and trash. Seriously. I know many of you won’t admit that you have just 1 room like this, but I am letting my messy flag fly for all of you to read about.

I started decluttering each room in the house and getting it good and clean. This is the FIRST STEP to getting your house clean: PURGE AND ACTUALLY GET THE STUFF OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. Donate it, send it to your neighbor, sell it on craigslist, have a yard sale. Just whatever you do, don’t keep it. Get rid of it as soon as you can. Don’t leave it in your house because it will just stay there.

So then, you need to start a cleaning schedule.

Choose how you want your list!

How do you like to work? Are you a total write it down kinda gal or a put it in your phone lady? If you like to write it down, please print my list below! If you are a techy, there is an app I LOVE LOVE LOVE called Tick Tick . It is a checklist app that really is totally amazing and so easy to use! It is so satisfying to “tick” off each thing!

This is the app on the screen of my phone. After you download the app, put the widget on your home screen. Click on the blue top bar of the widget or just go directly into the app! Set up an account once you are in the app!


It should bring you to this page when you click the menu button in the app. First thing you want to do it hit add list. I added a list for things I need to do, one for Izzy’s Chores, one for laundry, and one for my life tasks. You can easily make a list for each room instead. Now time to click on your list and start adding tasks!


Start adding your tasks by typing them in! I typed what room it was and then the task. If you made your list by room, you can just add the task! To edit the repetition and days, click on your task.


It should bring you to this and click on the date!


Then you will chose the date you want it to start on! And then choose how often you want it to repeat (see where it says daily on my screen).


And then how often. To do something every certain number of weeks, you will choose custom and then set up the weeks.



It is so easy and so much fun to “make” me clean. It will alert you each day with your tasks at about 8am! I LOVE IT and you might love it too!

Choose how often you want to clean each room and what tasks need to be done to each room!

I have tasks that need to be done DAILY, WEEKLY, BI WEEKLY, AND MONTHLY! Make a list of what you want to do each day or week and what can be stretched out to every couple of weeks. I also have a laundry schedule according to how much laundry we go through each week!

Here is my FREE task list to print or to copy into your Tick Tick app!


Cleaning Schedule.jpg

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New Year, New You?

Happy New Year! Wow, I made it out of 2016 alive (barely). So many people make new years resolutions every year and fail to turn those goals into wins. It sounds good in the beginning and then the reality of life kicks in, or it is really hard, or it just isn’t fun and new any more. It just gets old and you quit before making it a habit. I am just as guilty of this as everyone else (remember my past 2 years of saying I would post on the blog on a regular basis?? LOL).

I really don’t like the phrase “New Year, New You”. Do you really turn into a NEW YOU? I love using the phrase, “New Year, Better You” because your goals better you in the process (otherwise you wouldn’t do them right?).

I did something different this year! I put my goals into categories and really thought about how I would complete them. I set timelines for myself in my planner and made sure that these were realistic, specific goals. I also reviewed the year and thought about how my actions last year effected so many situations and how they could have turned out differently. I also thought about all the fun stuff we did and how that effected our family.

So here is my goals list! I have also attached a Blank printable of the goal list!




My goals are really simple goals that I have made specific to my family and that works with me and my kids.


Physical– My overall goal is to just get in shape and tone my body before we go to the beach in May. I also want to increase my water intake.

Financial- We want to save money (who doesn’t), but I really want to budget, eat out less, and start a travel savings.

Family Life- Bonding is really important to our family, but so is making everyone pitch in with the housework.

Things to Try- We want to try a new recipe at least once a month and a new pinterest craft or activity.

For the Home- Decluttering my house and keeping it clean are so important to me this year since we now have a toddler in the house! He gets into everything and we need to keep things up and away or it gets destroyed by Hurricane Tatum.

Spiritual- When Izzy got sick in October, life stopped and still hasn’t really restarted since our main goal is getting her to feeling better. Our goal is to go back to church and start a devotional.

Travel- We LOVE to travel! We have become boring travelers though because we just travel to the same places over and over. We want to travel to at least 2 new places and either fly in an airplane or take a train to the destination.

Business- My goal with Mary Kay is to advance myself to the next level! I have been so close so many times and just really want to push myself to go the extra mile. I also need to balance my work life and my home life better. I will be setting “office hours” for each of my businesses and working ONLY during those times.

Blog- My blog has not really been a priority and I just want to make it higher on my priority list and really work it!

Other- I want to be calmer and happier in life and as a parent! ‘Nough said!


Here is a BLANK page for you to fill out!



What are your goals for 2017? What did you reflect on that you could have done differently in 2016? 

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2016 Summer Fashion Staples

2016 Summer Fashion Staples


Floral Maxi Dress– Flower print dress

Cute Caftan (can be used as swim cover up)- Caftan dress

Kimono- Floral kimono

Flowy Halter Top- New York Company embellished top

High Waisted Bikini- Retro bathing suit

High Waisted Shorts- Topshop shorts

Flowy Romper- Daniel Rainn long sleeve romper

Floral Pencil Skirt- New York Company long white skirt

Summer Wedges- Summer sandals

Gladiator Sandals- Aéropostale aeropostale shoes

Mint Purse (I own this exact one and LOVE IT)- Dome satchel

Laser Cut Crossbody Bag- Under One Sky handbags crossbody

Swirly Cut Necklaces-Cut out necklace

And matching earrings!!- Earrings jewelry

Americana Scarf- Sheer scarve

Rosegold Aviators- Jennifer Lopez rhinestone sunglasses

Mary Kay BB Cream- BB Cream

Sunscreen-Mary Kay sun care

Embracing my Mom Body

I have not always been self-conscious about my looks (besides the normal teenager stuff). I had a great body 2 years ago. I was a size small, 32 C, I wore a size 2 in pants, and had 6 pack abs. Then I got pregnant with baby number 2. My son is a blessing in my life, but after having him, I was so self-conscious about my body.

When I had my son, I went from a size small to a size large. I could barely fit into a size 8 dress for my Mary Kay events. I went up to a 36 DDD (yes, I was breastfeeding, but still it is hard to be that big up there). I was told by everyone that I looked great for just having a baby. “Most people would kill to be a size 8 right after having a baby.” Well, not when just 9 months ago you were teeny tiny. I know it sounds vain, but I am putting my feelings out there, so NO JUDGING!  I watched girls who went back to a size zero 2 weeks after having a baby. It was hard. I cried in the dressing room trying on clothes for months. I wasn’t big by any means, I was just different.

I have now gone down to a size 4 and wear a small/medium top. I am proud of where I am now, so I thought, “Hey! I am going to wear a bikini this year.” Joe responded with, “You wore a bikini last year, so what is the difference?” The difference?? Last year was a high-waisted bikini. This year is a real, legitimate skin showing bikini. So, off to Academy we went in search of the perfect bikini. I tried on suit after suit and was so dissatisfied with what I saw in the mirror each time. “I only need a few more months to get my body ‘bikini ready’. But by then, summer will be over. I might as well not even buy one.”

I wasn’t upset with the bikinis, but the way they looked on me (and the sizes on the tags). I was in an XL top and medium bottoms (reminder: 2 years ago I was a size small). So, we went home without a swimsuit and I cried.

And then started the self-induced body shaming. I have belly flab. My skin has so much cellulite on my belly. And my back fat is terrible. Don’t even get me started on the stretch marks on my hips, butt, and sides. All of those bikinis dug into me in all the wrong spots.

It boiled down to one thing… a society that teaches body shaming. I wasn’t really scared of wearing my bikini. I was scared of what others would think of me while wearing it. We have made body shaming a popular trend and now everyone is scared of what others will think of them.

Then, I started thinking, why am I really so upset with my body? It carried 2 beautiful children into this world. I am older than I was when I had Izzy. I am not large by any means. My skin just doesn’t bounce back the way it used to. The stretch marks really aren’t that bad, and they have faded a lot. The sizes on the tags don’t matter, I mean I am still breastfeeding (hence the XL top on my medium figure). I am happy with my body. Why can’t everyone else be?

We loaded up in the car and went to Academy, again. I decided I would not leave that store without a swimsuit. Izzy wanted one too. She tried on like 40 of them and with each one, she admired herself in the mirror, totally in love with what she saw. She bounced around giggling and talking about which 10 she liked the best! We finally narrowed it down to one and she loved her choice.

Great! My turn… I stood there looking at the dozens of choices. I picked 4, maybe 5 to try on. Iz went into the dressing room with me. I tried on the first one, a strapless top. It dug into my chest and made my back look bulgy and weird. It was awful. I was embarrassed to have her in their witnessing this. “Oh, Mama! It looks beautiful!” “Really Izzy?? I think I look like a cow. Haha!” So, I tried on the next one. “Oh gosh! This one is worse than the last.” Izzy remarked, “Your butt won’t fit in that one! Hahaha!” My pride hurt a little. So I tried on the next, which I really liked. “Your back is lumpy in that one. And I see your boobs. Heeeheee!” Ouch!

I tried on one after the other and listened to Izzy’s comments get worse and worse. I finally decided on one and I was ok with my choice. It was the one I really liked, but then Izzy’s comment made me kind of regret my love of it. I couldn’t be mad at her though. I taught her to react to my body that way. I taught her to react to every body that way. She thinks that is how you are supposed to view yourself. I didn’t realize that until after I finally left the store.

I am here to say, let’s stop this cycle. Let’s stop worrying about what others will say and think. Let’s bring back confidence. Let’s instill our daughters with positive body image and confidence. Let’s bring back the thought that every single body is a beautiful, unique creation. If you are not happy with you, make sure that is your decision and not someone else’s.

You have a stunning body. Make sure you step out at the lake, or the beach, or the pool, or wherever that bikini takes you with confidence and say “Screw You,” to anyone who wants to take that confidence from you. My body isn’t perfect, but it is mine and I am proud of each stretch mark and cellulite dip!

It took my 8 year old body shaming me over some swimsuits to realize that something has to change. And it begins with us.


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Summer Adventures- Lake Time,sunsets, camping, and fishing

We have already completed a few things on our amazing Summer 2016 Bucket List! WOW!! There are 2 types of people in this world; Lake People and Pool People. We are definitely LAKE PEOPLE!! Don’t get me wrong, I like any type of water, but I really LOVE the lake!! I could spend my whole life at the lake!

We do a lot of camping all over the place, but our favorite place is the Belle Starr Recreational Area at Lake Eufaula! It is beautiful, the bathrooms and showers are clean, there is a stunning view from every single RV spot! It is AMAZING!

We went fishing, and really didn’t catch much of anything by the campsite, so we went to our secret fishing spot and caught a few little Crappie but hey, it was something (and kept Iz entertained)!



We also got to watch the most beautiful sunset while we were fishing one day! It was magnificent!


What is your favorite place to camp in Oklahoma? Have you done any camping yet? Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

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Summer is here! Sunshine and heat means playing in the lake and pool!

So, everyone knows how much I love my bucket lists!! The Summer Bucket List is by far my favorite though!! I thought I would share it with all of you! I also have a cute printable version available for download at the bottom of the page! Check out my “SBL” journey in the links on this page!!!

Summer 2016 Bucket List.jpg

  • Go to the lake
  • Visit the Farmer’s Market
  • Roast Marshmellows
  • Go Camping
  • Tye Die Shirts
  • Go on Road Trips
  • Outdoor Movies
  • Catch Fireflies
  • Make Homemade Lemonade
  • Play with Sidewalk Chalk
  • Go to a Water Park
  • Watch Fireworks
  • Ride on a water slide
  • Have a BBQ
  • Make Rootbeer Floats
  • Eat Snowcones
  • Watch a sunrise
  • Watch a Sunset
  • Go to a Festival
  • Go on a Picnic
  • Go fishing
  • Go to an Outdoor Concert
  • Wash our car (with waterhose)
  • Go stargazing
  • Go to the movies
  • Eat at a food truck
  • Go to a beach
  • Make a huge slip and slide
  • Go to a Rodeo
  • Make memories!!

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I hope ya’ll have an amazing summer! What would you add to your family bucket list??

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School’s Out…Summer Schedule is in!!!

School is about to be out!! WOW! I can’t believe summer is finally here. Although, here in Oklahoma it is still severe weather season (tornado risk every day this week)! So, I was thinking about how Iz thrives on schedules and during the school year, she has a strict schedule and then summer break comes along and ruins her habits and schedule. So I came up with a schedule that is totally kid approved. We are adding in our weekly fun, but are keeping structure to their days! The good news, I put everything on ONE page so that I can laminate a few copies to put in her room and on the fridge!

Kid Pack- Summer Schedule

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Music of my life: Part 1

Hey yall! I am so crazy busy with life right now! I just wanted to do a quick update before I start this new blog series called “Music of my Life”. So, I shut down my dance studio. WHAT? I know right? It was just totally consuming my life and it became more of a burden than a blessing, so I called it quits to pursue my Mary Kay Career full time! Iz decided she wants to do competitive cheerleading so here I am, writing a blog post in the parking lot at cheer practice. Now onto the post!

So, I am a very musical person! I LOVE music, dancing, and singing! Music has gotten me through a lot of rough times in my life and been there for some of the best! My mom says my brain is just made up of Song Lyrics and Movie quotes. Haha! I just love music!

I ran across this neat list to share the “Music of my Life” so here it goes!

1. A song from my childhood
Ok, so my parents listened to KOMA which was the Oklahoma City Oldies station. One song I remember that was my favorite was Kokomo- The Beach Boys. I would hear it come on in the store, the salon my mom worked at, the car, anywhere and I couldn’t help but sing it and be happy. It made me feel so warm and cozy and relaxed when I would hear it! Now when I hear it, it makes me remember all the time spent with my momma!

2. A song that reminds me of an ex-boyfriend
So, I have been with Joe for 10 years. All my boyfriends were in like middle school! Lol! So a song that reminds me of an ex boyfriend would have to be Hero- Enrique Iglesias. We danced in 6th grade at the Robin Hill prom! That was a super memorable night with tons of friends! We were all young and thought we were in love with the little boys who thought they were men! And we all just danced and had a great time! When I hear that song, I think back to that night and how happy I was!

3. A song that reminds me of my Dad
So definitely the song that reminds me of my dad is the song we danced to at my wedding, I Danced with Cinderella- Steven Curtis Chapman. I felt like a princess and my daddy cried when he danced with me! It was one of the best nights of my life!

4. A song that reminds me of my Mom
Oh gosh, the song that reminds me of my momma is definitely Always on my Mind- Willie Nelson. In fact this has been her ringtone for as long as I can remember! She loves anything by Willie Nelson, but this is the #1 song I think of when it comes to my momma!

5. A song that calms me down
I love the song Amazing Grace- Chris Tomlin. It just makes my soul so happy and brings tears of love and joy to my eyes when I hear it or sing it!

6. A song that is often stuck in my head
I have so many songs that get stuck in my head but the one that is stuck in my head ALL THE TIME right now My Church- Maren Morris. It is so catchy and Iz and I sing it all the time! I love love love Maren Morris. She speaks right to the soul, especially with this song!

I hope you all enjoyed part one of the “Music of my Life”. Part 2 is coming soon with tons of great music that can tell you a lot about me as a person!

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Dear Pregnant Teenager

Dear Pregnant Teenager who is feeling a little hopeless,

I was just like you 9 years ago. 15. Pregnant. Scared. Ashamed. I wish someone had told me what I am going to tell you.

I know you are scared and I know you probably didn’t mean to get pregnant. It just happened and now nothing can ever change the fact that you were once pregnant. Not adoption, not abortion. NOTHING. You are what you are. But, there is HOPE.

I know, your parents are mad as hell and yelling, but they are yelling because they love you. And they feel sorry that you are losing your childhood. Yes, your whole teenage years are behind you because you have to grow up and raise that beautiful being that you helped to develop. The other half of your child may or may not ever grow up and you need to accept that possibility. And you can’t make the dad grow up. I was the one of the 4 lucky ones out of 24 girls in my “Baby Steps” class to have the dad stick around and actually grow into a man that I am so deeply in love with.

If he doesn’t grow up, let him go. God has a better man out there for you rather than that boy who will probably never grow up. Be patient and focus on growing yourself and raising your child. It will happen in it’s own time.

Finish high school. Go to college or at least do something with your life other than flipping burgers at McDonald’s. That baby deserves the best and you have to give it to them.

You will have to sacrifice a lot. Your body, your time, your money, your food, the last piece of cake. No matter what, your body will never be the same. Even if you go back to being a size 0, you carried a human in your body for 9 months and your body will never feel the same to you. Accept it. Accept every stretch mark. Accept every lump and bump that is there. Accept that your boobs and your lady parts are not the same. You are still beautiful and don’t you forget it.

You will not get any sleep after the baby is born. Stay calm. When someone offers to help, take it. If they offer to watch the baby take it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It does not make you weak. It makes you human and we all need help sometimes. You will also hear 500 times to sleep when the baby sleeps. Take that advice. I know, you are trying to prove you are super mom, but you can’t survive a week on 2 hours of sleep. SLEEP as much as you can. You need the energy!

Labor hurts. A LOT. The epidural hurts too, but once the medicine kicks in, whoa baby! You won’t feel a thing. Take classes and educate yourself on labor. It really helps. Also, make a birth plan and talk it over with your doctor before you go into labor. They can explain certain stuff to you!

When you see your baby for the first time, it is ok not to cry. It does not make you any less of a mother. You are young, and don’t fully understand what an amazing little creature that baby is. You will always get that overwhelming sense of love when you see baby for the first time. But you won’t understand what an amazing, adventurous impact that child will have on your life until you are older.

Breastfeed for as long as you can. There is no other feeling like the bond you have with your baby when nursing them. It is so healthy for them. It is going to hurt at first but darling, you can do it. It is going to be really hard to pump during school hours. Set a schedule so that you pump during your easier classes. Make it a habit and don’t feel bad if you have to give up on nursing. You tried and that counts. Your baby will still be a healthy, beautiful child.

Finally, people are going to stare, and make rude comments. That is the price of being a teen mom. Ignore them. Just because you are young does not mean you are not going to love that baby. People are judgmental (and a lot of them will be family). They just don’t understand how it easily could be their child in your shoes. Keep your head held high and do not be ashamed.Just love that baby with all your heart and soul. He or she will be one of the biggest blessings in your life!

I hope this message finds you and that it lets you know, someone was in the same shoes and you are not alone. I too was scared shitless and terrified of what my parents thought. But my daughter is now one of my biggest blessings (my son who came 7 years after her is my other big blessing) and yours will be too.


Another Teen Mom Just Like You

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