New Year, New You?

Happy New Year! Wow, I made it out of 2016 alive (barely). So many people make new years resolutions every year and fail to turn those goals into wins. It sounds good in the beginning and then the reality of life kicks in, or it is really hard, or it just isn’t fun and new any more. It just gets old and you quit before making it a habit. I am just as guilty of this as everyone else (remember my past 2 years of saying I would post on the blog on a regular basis?? LOL).

I really don’t like the phrase “New Year, New You”. Do you really turn into a NEW YOU? I love using the phrase, “New Year, Better You” because your goals better you in the process (otherwise you wouldn’t do them right?).

I did something different this year! I put my goals into categories and really thought about how I would complete them. I set timelines for myself in my planner and made sure that these were realistic, specific goals. I also reviewed the year and thought about how my actions last year effected so many situations and how they could have turned out differently. I also thought about all the fun stuff we did and how that effected our family.

So here is my goals list! I have also attached a Blank printable of the goal list!




My goals are really simple goals that I have made specific to my family and that works with me and my kids.


Physical– My overall goal is to just get in shape and tone my body before we go to the beach in May. I also want to increase my water intake.

Financial- We want to save money (who doesn’t), but I really want to budget, eat out less, and start a travel savings.

Family Life- Bonding is really important to our family, but so is making everyone pitch in with the housework.

Things to Try- We want to try a new recipe at least once a month and a new pinterest craft or activity.

For the Home- Decluttering my house and keeping it clean are so important to me this year since we now have a toddler in the house! He gets into everything and we need to keep things up and away or it gets destroyed by Hurricane Tatum.

Spiritual- When Izzy got sick in October, life stopped and still hasn’t really restarted since our main goal is getting her to feeling better. Our goal is to go back to church and start a devotional.

Travel- We LOVE to travel! We have become boring travelers though because we just travel to the same places over and over. We want to travel to at least 2 new places and either fly in an airplane or take a train to the destination.

Business- My goal with Mary Kay is to advance myself to the next level! I have been so close so many times and just really want to push myself to go the extra mile. I also need to balance my work life and my home life better. I will be setting “office hours” for each of my businesses and working ONLY during those times.

Blog- My blog has not really been a priority and I just want to make it higher on my priority list and really work it!

Other- I want to be calmer and happier in life and as a parent! ‘Nough said!


Here is a BLANK page for you to fill out!



What are your goals for 2017? What did you reflect on that you could have done differently in 2016? 

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