Bra Fitting Bible

A majority of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Here is a guide to how to fit yourself for a bra!

  • Band Placement– The band of the bra should be centered across the back with the straps adjusted to the tops of the shoulders.


BAD- The band is too big. Even though the straps are tightened, the band rides up the back causing the breasts to hang down low.

BAD- The band is too big. The band is pulled down low in the back. The straps cannot be tightened because it will cause the band to ride up in the back.

  • Front Underwire Placement– With a well fitted bra, the band will be snug enough to fit around the ribcage to support the weight of the breasts. The underwire will go around the breasts and will rest where the breasts meet the ribcage. It will also lay flat against the chest. The straps will also rest on the shoulders and should not dig in.


INCORRECT UNDERWIRE PLACEMENT- I call the the “uni-boob”!



  • Side Underwire Placement- The side of the bra should fit almost to your armpit.


INCORRECT                                             CORRECT


INCORRECT                                             CORRECT


INCORRECT                                             CORRECT




  1. Get a soft measuring tape. This is the only time of measuring tape that can be used for accurate measurements. You can get them at Wal-Mart for around $1.
  2. Take off your bra. Almost all women wear cup sizes that are too small which smushes the breasts down causing the measurement to seem smaller than it really is.
  3. Measure around your rib cage. This measurement will determine your band size. Measure right underneath your breasts where a bra band would normally sit. Do not pull to tightly, but it does need to be somewhat snug. If you measure 34 1/4 or 34 1/2, round it down to 34 instead of up. The reason for this is that bras lose elasticity every time you wear them so the fit will only get less and less supportive. When you first purchase a bra, it needs to feel snug, but not too tight on the loosest hook. As the bra stretches, you can move the hooks in tighter to maintain support.
  4. Measure across the widest part of your bustline horizontally, not vertically. Just measure across your nipples at the widest part of your breasts. Nothing needs to be done to this number except for rounding up instead of down. So, if you measure 41 1/2, just round it up to 42.
  5. Do a little math. Take the number from step number 4 and subtract it from step number 3. The band size we used earlier was 34 and the bust measure was 42, so we will do 42-34= 8.

So, you will have an 8 inch difference for the cup size so your bra size is a 34H. Here is the chart below:

I found this info from this site. You can find more bra fitting info there!