March Update

So, it is now March 12th and still no baby! GAHHHHH I am getting impatient. Good news is, I am having contractions and am dilated to a 3, but they said I have to be at a 4 before they will keep me at the hospital (those mean nurses at triage sent me home…). They will be inducing me on March 24th if I don’t have him before then, but the doctor seems pretty sure that I will not make it to my induction date! I am so beyond ready to have my little boy in my arms.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I created 2 posts and put them on a schedule and they didn’t post, so I will be getting those online ASAP!

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and with my family being Irish and all, it is kind of a big deal at my house!! I am hoping my little Tatum will decide to come on March 17th so I can have an Irish baby on St. Patty’s Day! We have gotten almost everything we need for our little man’s arrival!

Izzy’s birthday party was small (like just her and her cousin kind of small) because of a blizzard that came through on her birthday for the 2nd year in a row (what are the odds??). Anyways, we did not get to do her Frozen themed party, but we did get her a minion cake and took her and her cousin to see the new Spongebob Movie in 3D! It was such a cute movie! We all went out and ate dinner at IHOP (per Izzy’s request) and met our family there! We decided that instead of throwing her another big party for her and her friends the next weekend, we would take the money we would have spent on her party and put it towards some more presents for her. She was totally fine with this idea! She got a Frozen bike, a retro play kitchen, a candybar making kit, and a few misc gifts from her friends. Overall, she had a pretty great “party”!

Well, I think I have about covered everything going on in our lives! Have a great month!!

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