Family Update- 10/1/15

Hey everyone! This past few weeks has been totally insane so I haven’t been posting!! So, Izzy has been reading The Isle of the Lost book and it is actually more interesting than I thought it would be! It is the book that goes along with the Disney movie Descendants which is about the teenage kids of the Disney Villains! How fun right??

So, Tatum is now mobile! He crawls, but he goes backwards instead of forwards! It is so cute!! He also has both bottom middle teeth coming in! They are broken through the gums! He is also hitting another growth spurt!

I have also transitioned from making my own homemade organic baby food to just buying organic baby food! I am just getting way to busy with work and keeping kids alive to be able to make it! Plus he is eating so much baby food now that I was having to make a ton of it each week! Plus it was costing the same as I could buy it since he is now eating multiple foods together!

I think that is all I have to update you all about!

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