Long Term Dreaming and Goal Setting

Hey everyone! Welcome to Mary Kay Monday! Who is excited about their amazing MK Meetings next week since today is a Holiday? I know that Monday is my fave night of the week! When I go to my meetings, I feel so inspired and ready to take on the week to work my business! So, I am working my tail off to earn my FREE Chevy Cruze courtesy of Mary Kay! What?? I know! This is so exciting right? This got me thinking about my biggest long-term dreams and goals for my business! Yeah, I might be able to earn the free car, but how am I going to keep it? I still have to work hard and I have been so focused on “earn the car, earn the car, do everything you can to earn the car” that I forgot to worry about “keep the car”. My amazing hubby brought up this problem in my perfect plan. What if one of my recruits does not meet her selling goal for me to keep my car? What if I just can’t do it anymore? What if life gets in the way? What if one of my recruits decides to quit selling?

My Solution: Keep inspiring and going forward. Don’t let anything stop me! Now, that is so much easier said than done. Yes, there are things that may get in my way, and I will cross that bridge once I come to it. But for now, I am going to keep moving forward and continue setting one goal after another to make sure my dreams come true. A dream becomes a goal when you decide that nothing will stop you from earning it and keeping it. It is one thing to work for it and then once you have it, you don’t ever think you can lose it because you made it to that peak! Guess what, you CAN lose it and if you think that way, you WILL lose it. It goes the other way too! If you think you CAN earn it and keep it, you WILL earn it and keep it!

So my long-term goal is to actually to become a National Sales Director. I want the Pink Cadillac. I want the recognition that I worked hard and didn’t let anything stop me. I want to be a role model to some young consultant that was just like me. The difference in a dream and a goal is that with a dream, you want something to happen. With a goal, you work to make it happen. I am planning on working hard to make my goal happen with these steps:

  1. Change the way you think. You can’t be thinking negative thoughts if you want to be successful. You have to take your negative thoughts into a positive thought. Instead of thinking, “Oh, I will never be able to earn that”, change it to, “I will earn that. It will take hard work, but I can do it! Here is how…”.
  2. Write down your goals. When you put your goals down on paper and put it somewhere that you will be constantly reminded of them, you are more likely to succeed with your goals. Be realistic with your goals. Don’t say you want to be a Director by the end of next month if you are not capable of doing the work it takes to succeed. You will only be disappointed when your goal is not met. Instead, make your goal, “I will be a director by this time next year” and then if you are a director by next month, you beat your goal! I set a weekly goal, a monthly goal, and a long-term goal and put them where I can see them and read them each day!
  3. Make a plan of action. Write down how you plan to succeed with each goal. Be very detailed. My goal this week is to do 10 facials. How I am going to succeed in this goal is to go warm chat, call businesses, and do facial boxes at businesses. I will also carry 5 business cards with me every day and pass them out. I will not come home with those 5 biz cards. Put it in writing so that when you get discouraged or over whelmed, you can take it one step at a time.
  4. Dress for success. Look professional as much as possible. When you look like you care about your business, people will take you more seriously. Dress like you are going to meet a potential customer everyday. Wear make up everyday that you will be going out anywhere!

I am so excited to continue to work my amazing business and head for success! Don’t forget that during the month of September 2015, Mary Kay is offering two different starter kits at a super discounted rate! Normally our starter kit is $100 plus tax and shipping. September 1st-30th you can get the Glow and Tell starter kit for $50 plus tax and shipping or you can get the full starter kit plus the Glow and Tell kit for $85 plus tax and shipping! This is a super amazing deal to start your own business!


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