SUV Organization

Wow! I can’t believe I only have 54 days (or less) until my baby boy is due! The time is flying by and I still don’t have everything I need, the nursery is not set up, the house is not organized, etc… But the good news is that we just got rid of our little 2 door sports car and got a new SUV to make it easier to haul our expanding family! I am going to organize the trunk to make things easier for us to get to the stuff we need (especially with a newborn baby)! Pics will be posted soon, but here is the run down of what I will keep in my car! We travel so much in our vehicle that this will make it easier than digging around in bags to try to get to some band-aids!

The Supplies

In order to get everything you could ever need into the trunk of an suv, you will need some supplies!

  • Hanging shower caddies and hanging travel cosmetics bags.
  • A few medium sized collapsible bins or baskets
  • Labels

First Aid- Band aids, benadryl spray or cream, ibuprofen, tums, neosporin, benadryl capsules, claritin chewables.

Sunblock Sunblock and bug spray. Yes, I know that sunscreen loses its potency when left out in the heat or sun, but some sunblock is better than no sunblock. This is for use when we decide to make an impromptu stop to that neat little swimming hole to cool off.

Kleenex- We keep pocket packs in the back and a small box in the back seat!

Rain Gear- Umbrellas and Ponchos- You can buy ponchos at dollar tree for $1. We usually keep 2 big umbrellas in our car as well!

Baby Wipes- These things clean faces, sticky spills in the back seat, and much more…

Scissors and Tape- but also pens, pencils, a coloring book, and a sharpie (for writing your kids name in their clothes, shoes, towels, etc…).

Germ Ex- Why not??

Electronics- DVD’s, corded headphones and a headphone splitter (for when the wireless ones go dead), 2 small flashlights, and a pocket knife.

Trash Bags- I keep a box if big trash bags as well as some Wal-Mart sacks. You can stash wet clothes in them as well as picking up trash with them!

Silverware- Plastic forks, knives, spoons, and straws. It is inevitable that my daughter always breaks her straw and spends the rest of the trip screaming because she can’t drink her slushy.

Accessories- hair ties, hair brush, spare sunglasses, eye drops, chapstick, contact lens case and solution.

Drinks- We keep a couple of collapsible water bottles that we got at the dollar tree in the car to fill out of a sink. We also keep a couple of capri suns out there. They usually don’t last long, and if they are thirsty enough, they will drink it after it has been in the 100 degree Oklahoma heat!

Snacks- chips, granola bars, fruit snacks. For when they think they are going to die of starvation. I also keep 2-3 plastic disposable table cloths ($1 at Dollar Tree) in there for stopping at rest areas.

Tubs- We keep a change of clothes per kid in a ziploc bag in a tub, a jacket per family member (for cold restaurants), swimsuit, a couple of towels, a roll of paper towels. Spare diapers and diaper rash cream as well as a spare bottle are a great idea for babies!

I will post pictures once I get the trunk organized! Let me know what you think!

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