Part 1: The Best Christmas Ever- Christmas Shopping- Making your list

Hey everyone! Here is part 1 of our series about The Best Christmas Ever- Christmas Shopping on a budget!! In this post we are going to discuss the basics of shopping frugally for Christmas Gifts!

Make your list, and check it twice!

I have found that it works out great to make a list and set a budget early on! I use the Christmas Gift List app for android that allows me to make lists and budgets for each person! Now I used to not be a list person. The thought of creating a list for anything made my skin crawl, especially Christmas lists. However, I have come to embrace the list and find it extremely helpful in staying on budget and on task. Here is how I set up my list:

  • Immediate family members and important family members and friends each get their own name down on the list for their main gifts.
    • EX: Hubby, Izzy, Debra, Mom, Dad, Coleman, Grandma, Bayda, etc…
  • Immediate family members get their name followed by stocking stuffers
    • EX: Hubby- Stocking Stuffers, Izzy- Stocking Stuffers, etc…
  • Not so close family members, friends, or people you are going to buy the same kind of gift for get ONE category on the list
    • EX: Ladies, Guys, Little Girls, Little Boys
    • Gift EX: Lotion Sets, spa kits
  • Teachers and extra-curricular teachers usually get a category to themselves
    • Ms. Collins & Ms. Kerry

Set a budget for each category. Immediate family gets the highest budget, and it goes down from there. I usually do about $10-$15 per teacher and not so close family (distant cousins, etc…) get around $5 each (total budget for this category should be 5 x however many people you are buying for). I hope that made sense and did not confuse the heck out of everyone!!

Now that you have brainstormed who all you are going to buy for, start coming up with gift ideas, but don’t put down prices yet. Be vague or be detailed, it is all up to you.

  • Hubby- Boots, tools, tool box
  • Hubby- Stocking Stuffers-  Headphones, trial sized shower gel
  • Ladies- Germ Ex from Bath and Body Works, Victoria Secret Body Splash
  • Ms. Collins- Nail Polish, socks, mug

After that I usually start to research my items and put down prices and get super detailed. This does not need to be done all in one day! You can even do it as you buy stuff! Just make sure you are within budget and not going on a crazy spending spree. Shop around and do research!!!



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