Spring and Summer Bucket List: Visit an Amusement Park

So, on April 12th, we went to Frontier City Theme Park in Oklahoma City!! We went for the MCDA Spirit Fest (a cheer and dance competition) with my amazing dancers who managed to pull out three 1st place wins and one 2nd place win!! It was an all around great day, except the fact that I got badly sunburned, only on the left side of my body :(. One thing we did to save money was we brought an ice chest to keep in our car with snacks and drinks. We were super thirsty at the park, so we bought one souvenir cup (which was $12.00 approx and you got $0.99 refills) and split the drink into separate cups which was twice as cheap!! We did not buy any food from there since a hamburger was around $8 and was disgusting from the bite I took out of a friend’s sandwich! It was a nice day and the lines were not too bad even with a cheer competition and a band competition going on! They also have some great concerts going on this summer that I know we will be back for!! Overall, we had a wonderful time!!