Spring in Oklahoma!! Our Bug Out Bag Ideas!!

Wow!! The weather in Oklahoma has been beautiful this week! It seems as though Spring is in full swing for us Okies! What could be more perfect than 74 degree weather in the middle of February, right? No more colds, no more flu, no more snow, lots of flip flops and tank tops! Spring is not just beautiful, it is dangerous. Spring in Oklahoma means tornado season (no fun) that usually means hiding out in the storm shelter from March to May (with May usually being the worst)! We usually pack small bug out bags for Izzy and now we have custody of a teen, Deb, but with the tornado in Moore on April 20, 2013 being 5 miles north of us, we have decided it was in our best interest to really start prepping and not just planning to! Our family is going to make a bug out bag for each individual person and a family one to keep in the car or the shelter.

A bug out bag is a 72 hour kit that will help you and your family survive until you can get help or find food and water to keep you going. Here is what is going in our bug out bags:


So, our family of 7 will need a lot of supplies! We have my parents, my brother, my daughter, my husband, and my sister-in-law (oh and our poodle BeBe) that we will need to protect in the event of a storm.

  • Each person should have 1 gallon of water per day and pets should have a 1/2 gallon per day. This means that each person should have 3 gallons of water each and pets should have about 2 gallons of water each.
  • You can also buy water purification tablets, a purification straw, pump filter, or other form of water purification system.
  • Blankets- We bring 1 blanket per person, and then a few extra. We have thought about bringing sleeping bags, but those are bulky and can get too hot in the spring when it is super humid out.
  • 4 Boxes of Crayons- Did you know that a crayon will burn for 30 minutes?? These can also keep little ones entertained and calm.
  • Non-Perishable canned food- We usually bring 4 cans of spam or canned meat per person, 3 cans of fruit per person, and 3 cans of veggies per person. I would also suggest peanut butter (my brother is allergic to peanuts, so we do not bring Peanut butter). We also bring canned chicken for our dog. 1 can per day should be good give or take!
  • First Aid Kit including- Antibiotic ointment, sterile gauze, assorted band-aids, Pain killers, antihistamines, medical tape, cotton balls, tampons, tweezers, scissors, safety pins, razor blade, instant ice pack, hydrogen peroxide.
  • Off Deep Woods- Bring lots of bug repellents. I like Off Deep Woods because it keeps mosquitoes away for up to 5 hours!
  • Several Knives- make sure they are sharpened and put in cases.
  • Flashlights- 2 per person and extra batteries if they are not solar powered.
  • Cell phone and charger- To get a hold of your family members to let them know you are alright!
  • Duct tape- What can it not fix???
  • Aluminum Foil- for cooking
  • Twine- to tie stuff
  • A copy of everyone’s vital records (id’s, social security cards, birth certificates, family photos (for identification purposes).

Personal Bug Out Bag (PBOB)

So, now we are at our personal bug out bags which is one bag per person that they will carry!

  • 1 pair of pants (jeans or sweats)
  • 1-2 pair of shorts or capris
  • 2-3 pair of underwear
  • 2-3 pair of socks
  • tennis shoes
  • flip flops (for showering)
  • hoodie
  • 1-2 shirts
  • Hat
  • Hair Ties
  • Toothbrush
  • Tooth Paste
  • Deodorant
  • Soap
  • Shampoo/ Conditioner
  • Mirror
  • Dental Floss


I am already preparing our bags and will hopefully have them done by next week! What do you pack in your bug out bag??


Stay Chic!