New Year, New Post!

So sorry I don’t post near enough as I should, but being a dance studio owner and mommy, I forget to post! Anyways, my new years resolution is to post at least once a week! What are your resolutions?? I Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas! I know I did! We had such a great time with family and friends at our church! There is so much to tell about December since I apparently didn’t post in a month!

We had our Christmas Recital at the studio, which went great! It could have gone better, but my little dancers were so adorable and my older dancers were, uhhhhhh off rhythm and quite humiliating to be quite frank. At least it was an eye opening experience for them and they are now working hard in class since they don’t want another performance like that again. The dancers all designed their shirts with rhinestones, cutting, glitter, etc… My competition dancers looked super professional and our Mini Company Hip Hop Dance was a big hit! I host an annual Dance Mom Boot Camp for the moms at the studio! I am going to also post the course on my blog so that you dance moms out there can take the course too!

For Christmas, Izzy got everything she wanted and more!! We have a tradition every year of opening our presents on Christmas Eve after church when we are still fixed up for pictures and then Izzy gets to open her Santa gifts on Christmas Morning! We always go somewhere on Christmas Morning, so it is nice to get to watch her open gifts and then get ready and get out the door in a reasonable amount of time! Anyways, Izzy got a Nabi from Santa, which is by far the best tablet in the world for kids!! She broke her other tablet by putting it under some clothes in her room and someone stepped on it and broke the screen, so we got the Nabi and it is pretty much indestructible. She also got a ton of dress up clothes, coloring kit, a Moxie Girls Styling head (who’s hair is now covered in lip gloss and nail polish), books, and a new pair of Pink and Brown Cowgirl Boots. I got a new pair of Pecos Bill Cowgirl Boots that are brown with turquoise crosses, and I bought my hubby a new cowboy hat!

Have a great week! Stay chic!!