25+ new shake flavors from sonic? No way!- Updated April 28, 2014

THEY ARE BACK!!! THEY ARE BACK!!! THEY ARE FINALLY BACK!!! 1/2 price shakes after 8pm are back as well as their delicious flavors for summer!! Here they are and I have starred the ones we tried.

*Vanilla- the classic vanilla shake! Yummy!
*Chocolate- another great classic!
*Strawberry- Yummy
*Banana- another great classic
*Caramel-it tastes just like vanilla with a hint of caramel. I do not recommend.
*Hot fudge- tastes Just like chocolate
*Pineapple- It is awesome! Like hawaii in a cup.
*Strawberry Banana- incredible!
*Chocolate Cream Pie- it is my favorite. All cream pie shakes there have coconut in it for those of you who are allergic.
-Coconut cream pie
*Banana cream pie- possibly my 2nd favorite.
-Strawberry cream pie
-Chocolate covered banana
-Chocolate covered strawberry
*Peanut butter cookie- this is hubby’s fave! It is awesome!
*Peanut butter fudge- Deliciously delicious!! I am in love with this one! It tastes a lot like a Reese’s!!
-Peanut butter banana
*Peanut butter & jelly- it really does taste Just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
-Peanut butter & bacon
*Cheesecake- it has a lemon taste to it rather than a cheesecake taste. Not a fan.
-Chocolate cheesecake
-Strawberry cheesecake
-Cherry cheesecake
*Oreo cheesecake- it was gross with the “lemon” cheesecake and Oreo. Ewwww.

Well go on out and try these cool new flavors from your local sonic!