Winter to Spring Conversion

Spring is almost here! I am so excited to put my winter coat away and break out the sandals! I only have one problem, I have to pack away all my fall and winter clothes for close to 8 months. Or do I? Here are some awesome ways to get a ton of use out of some of your fall and winter clothes.

So, I don’t mean, hey let’s keep the parka out all summer long! These are some key pieces that can easily be used year round.

1. The Cardigan– The cardigan is a great go-to piece. You can layer it on and keep warm in a freezing cold restaurant, or take it off to keep cool! You can also add it to virtually any outfit! You can wear it with jeans, a dress, shorts, or a skirt!

2. Denim- When I say denim, I don’t just mean jeans! Break out that jean jacket and give it some use this spring! The jean jacket is perfect for cooler days or cool evenings! It, too, can be added to virtually any outfit! Denim shirts are a lighter weight way to wear denim too!

3. Boots- Boots don’t have to go away! A cute “Chelsea” style boot or “Cowgirl” boots are super cute in the spring!

4. Scarf- The scarf is another great item to transfer over to your spring and summer wardrobe!

5. Long Sleeved Shirts- These are super cute to roll the sleeves up on! T-Shirt style tops and button fronts work perfect!