Rimmel BB Cream Review

So, I have been trying out some new and not so new products and I thought, I would review them.

I tried the Rimmel BB Cream in February 2013. BB Stands for Beauty Balm. It is a revolutionary product that has 9 products in 1: Primer, Moisturizer, Pore Minimizer, Concealer, foundation, Brightener, sunscreen, and powder.

This product made my face feel oily all day and was very streaky. I tried to put powder on over it with no luck. It was still super oily. The shade also made me look orange. I do not like this product at all. It feels gross on my skin and I used it once. I like the idea of the BB Cream, however, I just do not like the Rimmel Version. It was really cheap, but it also felt like a cheap product on my face.