Izzy’s 5th Birthday- Candy Theme Party

What can be more fun that 50 of your child’s closest friends running and screaming while pumping mountains and mountains of sugar into their tiny little bodies? I can think of a few things! However, this was a great memory for my little Izzy and her friends! Plus she scored a ton of new toys! I will tell you the truth. I really did have a good time at my sweetie’s 5th birthday party! Seeing her just enjoying being a kid really made me think about how fast she is growing up. I can’t believe Izzy is already 5 years old! She turned 5 on the 28th of February, but her party was on the 2nd of March. Of course, her theme for the party was “Izzy’s Candy Shoppe”! We did a candy buffet, cupcakes, a cake, and some cute decorations! Here are some of the pictures from her party!



The Decorations

We chose 4 basic colors for Izzy’s party: Pink, Purple, Lime Green, and Turquoise. We bought everything around these colors and we stuck with the basics. We also made most of our decor and used the candy as decorations. Another thing we did was we gave out the decorations at the end of the party to the winners of the games! We got double use out of them and didn’t have to figure out how to store them or throw them away. We are in the south, so of course we used Mason Jars. We put candy in them, and also put the forks and spoons in them for the cake and ice cream!

I made all these cupcakes (not the cake) and I made “Gum balls in a wrapper” out of a balloon and clear cellophane. For Drinks, we put rainbow sherbet in ginger ale and it was delish!

We bought this cake at Sam’s Club.

I did my own candy buffet on a budget. We did Mini Kit Kat Bars, Fruity Mini Marshmallows, Suckers, Jelly Beans, M&M’s, Pixi Stix, and Twizzlers. I also went to Cracker Barrel Restaurant and bought 80 of those hard candy stixs for $10! They are 8 for $1 so I stocked up in 17 different flavors. We also bought a large tub of cotton candy and made cones out of paper and stuck a small serving in each one. We got all the vases for the candy at Dollar Tree and also used Mason Jars. We bought those really cool fan looking things on the wall at Party Galaxy for $8. We are able to reuse them (especially since they fold up to nothing and are easy to store!)


Let the Games Begin

We only played two games and just let the kids run and play the rest of the time!

The kids had to pop the balloon by sitting on it. The first person to pop theirs got a prize. To make this challenging, we barely blew up the balloons. I later went around with a fork helping the “lighter” kids pop theirs! They had a blast.

The final game they played was a 3 legged race. They had to weave through the tables and it was really fun for everyone! The parents enjoyed the kids weaving through the tables so that they could capture a snapshot of their little ones having fun.


Let them eat cake!!!

I had one person stationed at the punch bowl, one person stationed at the cupcakes, one person at the ice cream, and me at the cake. We bought Neopolitan Ice cream so that everyone could have their favorite flavor or a mix of all three. I even had the birthday girl help pass out the cake to her friends. She loved it!

While everyone was eating cake, I let Izzy open her presents! All the kids were occupied for a while instead of crowding her. That only lasted 2 presents though (lol)!

We gave Izzy her “big” present (a new Pinkalicious bike) towards the end of the party. We also encouraged her to let her friends who were still there try out the bike! It taught her sharing and it also let her take a break to eat the rest of her cake. At the end of the party, I had all the kids line up at the candy buffet and Joseph (my hubby) and I gave all the kids a scoop of each thing and 3 candy sticks. We did it like this so that everyone could have some!



Well there it is! Izzy’s 5th Birthday Party in all its glory! I hope this gave you some great ideas for your little angel’s next birthday! Stay Chic Mommies!