Budget Vacation!

Our little Izzy’s 5th birthday is February 28th, so we (we really means me!!!) decided that since we don’t really want to get Izzy something that will just end up in the trash in a week (which happens more often than you think when you have a rowdy little girl) we are going to go on a weekend vacation the weekend after Valentine’s Day!!! We are just going to Tulsa, but still it is going to be so much fun! We are going to take Izzy to the Tulsa Zoo if the weather is nice like it has been, the Space Museum/Planetarium, the aquarium in Jenks again, and just go shopping and let her swim in the hotel pool! I am so excited for this trip! We have been needing a vacation and this is the perfect time to go somewhere! The weather here in Oklahoma has been like spring all winter long! It has been very sporadic though. Just two days ago I was in a tank top, shorts, and flip flops and today I am breaking out the winter coat and Uggs again! I can’t wait until this weather evens out and it is Spring for real! We are doing this vacation on a tight budget! Here is how we are going on vacation for the weekend doing a ton of stuff and spending under $250 for EVERYTHING!

*Budget Hotels

Unless you plan on spending your entire vacation in the hotel room, you will not need to stay in the fanciest hotel! Chances are that you will only be there about 30% of the time just to rest and sleep. We plan on not spending over $75 per night on a hotel.


Make sure your hotel has an in room fridge and microwave. This can save you a fortune on food! We like to bring our own bottles of soda, stuff for sandwiches, and even TV Dinners to make and heat up in the room! We usually only go out to eat for dinner and it is a cheaper family restaurant instead of somewhere super fancy!


Go for a hotel that has a Complimentary Breakfast! This can save you money on food once again. I also like to take a few breakfast bars or something back up to the room to keep for snacking during the day! Get a hotel with a pool! This can provide hours of entertainment for the entire family and usually does not cost more than a hotel without a pool. Get a hotel with free wifi as well! You can bring your laptop and let the kids watch tv shows online when there is nothing to watch on tv. We like to bring our Roku (you have to get one of these! They are amazing! Look it up online!) so that we can watch our Netflix movies and Izzy can watch her Spongebob!


Check out what activities you want to do by going to their website. You can find days and times when your visit will be cheaper! If you plan on going somewhere multiple days or multiple times a year for vacationing, get a season pass. Usually after 2 visits it pays for itself!

Happy Traveling!